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Smog Bullet
Name Smog Bullet
Kanji 煙霧銃弾
Literal English Smog Bullet
Other Name(s) Kishinno Bullet
Hand Seals None
Range Med Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Kishinno


The user will create a small ball of Black Smog onto one of their figure tip. This process will take less then a second to form the ball. Once they have formed it, the user can then propel the small ball with a little amount of chakra to make it travel the same speed of a bullet coming out of a gun. However, the bullet will not pierce the victim but severely bruise them and cause allot of pain no matter the distance. It will then take another second to reform another ball.

While the user is in their Demonic Form then the Bullet has an increase in penetration power. The bullet will no longer just bruise the victim but completely pierce their body. But, if the user is a good distance away then the bullet losses power and may not fully penetrate, or penetrate at all. Although, the user needs to condense the ball more meaning it will take a full three seconds to completely form.

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