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Sixth Sense
Name Sixth Sense
Kanji 第六の感覚
Rōmaji Dairoku no Kankaku
Literal English Sixth Sense
Clan Genzai Clan


Sixth Sense is a Kekkei Genkai that belongs to the Genzai Clan, granting them psychic powers when Yin-Yang Release is combined with their normal mental strength. Although it sounds like something anyone with Yin-Yang Release can do, it requires an extremely high level of mental strength no other clan or family has been noted to possess however, this does not mean they are smarter than for example the Nara Clan, the Genzai Clan simply is able to use 100% of their brain when they really focus on something.

No one is sure why they are able to use 100% of their brain while most can't however, some speculate that the Sage of The Six Paths could do the same and that it is because they are direct descendants they are able to do the same while others think it has something to do with an unusual chakra the clan has but neither theory has ever been proven.

Unlike most Kekkei Genkai, the clan has a set of abilities they can all do however, it also randomly gives members of the clan a set of other psychic abilities, ranging from telepathy to Telekineses as well as countless other abilities that have yet to be discovered. Because of this, the kekkei genkai is one of the most complex in the world as the other abilities are part of one branch or another to the main abilities of this kekkei genkai.

Each branch usually has a sub group within the clan with those specific powers however, new branches are discovered all the time and with them, new sub groups are also formed. Unfortunately, this has often lead to issues within the clan due to one or more groups trying to be superior over the others or a number of other factors.


  1. Kyōkan Branch
  2. Yūtai Ridatsu Branch
  3. Coming soon
  4. Coming soon
  5. Coming soon
  6. Coming soon

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