Shizukesa Hyuuga
Shizukesa Hyuuga
Name Shizukesa Hyuuga
Personal Status
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5'2
Weight 180
Blood Type A+
Hometown Konoha
Affiliation Black Knights
Clan Hyuga
Team Black Knights
Rank Jonin
Classification Jonin
Ninja Registration 789654
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan
Kekkei Tōta Dark Byakugan
Jutsu Gentle Fist


Personality The base of Shizukesa's personality has been the same throughout all of his years. It's different, of course, depending on what kind of mood he is in. Usually, he is quiet. This is when he is bored, which is most of the time. When in this mood, he likes to just sit back and listen to what other have to say. He likes to share things with people, but through little words. Often, when he is like this, his friends and family tend to worry about him, and wonder what he could be thinking about. The answer is=______. The emotions sad and furious are two different things for Shizukesa. Two very different things, I might add. When he's sad, he pertains to be normal, like when he's bored. Even if he's dying inside, he wouldn't show any emotion. He was taught by his father that it's a sign of weakness.

When he's mad, it shows. He usually gos back to his house and beats something up, or yells in his room. But if he is no where near home, he'll have to make due with beating the sh*t out of whatever is nearest to him. This is what usually leads him to unorganized fights, which he doesn't get into much. Oddly, opposing his "bored" state of being, his happiness shows a lot. When he is in a happy state of being, everybody knows it, not only Shizukesa himself. In this happy mood, Shizu is overly talkative. Not overly talkative for talkative peoples standards, but for quiet old Shizukesa, he appears to himself as pretty talkative. He also laughs, and chuckles while happy, which is un-likely for him. His personality is a lot like his great uncle Neji's. It's a little bit different, but his personality is quite the same.

Relationships Abilities Shizu's abilities given he's part of the Hyuuga clan he's begun mastering the Eight Trigrams and Gentle Fist styles of his clan. One one of his missions Shizu witnessed multiple of his team mates being killed by unknown shinobi his rage and anger grew and not being able to control it it fused with Shizu's Byakugan creating the Dark Byakugan. After releasing the technique he woke up the next day not knowing what he had done but the teammates that had survived the night witnessed everything. After the mission he went to the Grand Elder Hyuuga and he explained the history of the Dark Byakugan.


Shizu wears a long white cloak.


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