Shio Temple

The Shio Clan Temple.

The Shio Clan Temple is a monument in the Land of Whirlpools[1] sacred to the Shio Clan.


"The building itself was an intriguing sight. It was a modest three-storied pagoda, painted a cheerful yellow with a stylized red spiral on all four sides. But overgrown stone paths and bridges crisscrossed the natural scenery, in a manner reminiscent of some former temple garden. But this mysterious figure walked throughout its grounds with the ease of long familiarity. The man with the long scarf trailing behind him meandered the overgrown cobbles, dallying at the torii gates and clearing off the dusted inscriptions. Reaching a shattered bridge, the man easily, naturally, stepped onto the surface of the water, a circular ripple disturbing the still, clear water as he continued, lost in thought."


The interior of the temple is covered in inscriptions written by the Shio Clan Ancestor, and encoded in a manner near-impossible to decipher for any non-Shio. Through these writings, Shio scholars deduced the Ancestor's jinchūriki status.


  1. The Crimson Evening: Burning Tide Meets The Red Flash

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