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Shio Clan
Shio Clan
Name Shio Clan
Kanji 潮一族
Rōmaji Shio Ichizoku
Literal English Shio Clan
Members Yakedo Shio, Moyashi Shio, Nanashi Shio, Masami Shio, Kazuki Shio, Shirogane Shio
Affiliation Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure
Jutsu Chakra Compression Technique
Sea Gate
Invasion Technique
Dream Eater Technique

The Shio clan (潮一族, Shio Ichizoku) was a founding clan from Uzushiogakure that enjoyed close relations with the Uzumaki Clan. The Shio were traditionally experts in long-range ninjutsu, to complement the kenjutsu and fūinjutsu skills of their allies. Tradition has it that the name Uzushio is a combination of the two clans' names.

The clan was founded in the Era of Warring States by a clan ancestor, who based the clan about an ancestral temple in the Land of Whirlpools.



The Shio Clan was created during the era of the Warring States, where an extended family of fishers and shipping merchants, supposedly distantly related to the Sage of Six Paths's eldest son, formed a pirate fleet, its power greatly augmented by the dissemination of chakra usage among the fleet and its associates. The Shio Armada (潮艦隊, Shio Kantai; ; ; ) raged across the Eastern Sea, at one point even defeating a team of Senju, until they were halted on the shores of the Land of Whirlpools by the Uzumaki Clan. After an inconclusive six-day long battle, in which a half dozen Shio families fled the battle, to settle elsewhere in the region, the Uzumaki convinced the Shio to join them in the creation of a new ninja village, the new Uzushiogakure. To commemorate their walking the straight and narrow, of alliance with the Uzumaki, they erected a Shio Temple in their adopted homeland.


The Shio Clan wields a pair of difficult Hiden arts, those being the Chakra Compression Technique and the Sea Gate. The first ability allows the Shio to compress their chakra to an incredible density, increasing its power and adding several other unorthodox benefits and uses. One example is simply strengthening their techniques, as well as vastly improving reserves and control. Another unorthodox technique pioneered by the clan's wayward prodigy, Yakedo, is to mute his own chakra to civilian levels, while the escaping amount of chakra, while small, is dense enough to maintain a Transformation.

The Sea Gate is an ability allowing the Shio to temporarily boost their brain functions with chakra. This ability makes them invaluable as strategists and planners, able to function on extremely high levels for short periods of time.

All known Shio have shown an affinity to either fire or water ninjutsu.