Shinigami Ketsueko
Name Shinigami Ketsueko
Literal English Blood Death
User(s) Karura Ketsueki

The Shinigami Ketsueki or as it's called in English, the Blood Death is a dark red katana created by Karura Ketsueki  as her primary weapons that is infused with a large amount of Blood Release chakra and the blood of many people. This magical sword has two abilities, to absorb blood that it comes into contact with, storing it within itself and releasing the blood as a weapon, either as the Blood Release: Blood Gun Technique or Blood Release: Flowing Blood to cause the accumulated blood to sink into the blood stream of an enemy, poisoning them due to the toxicity of the many blood types having been combined while in the sword. It's ability to absorb blood however is the more powerful but difficult to use abilities since it can absorb blood directly from the bloodstream if it remains in a wound that can or has bled until the body is completely dry of blood however, this takes a full two minutes to complete, making it impractical during combat. Karura however only uses this sword when she's sent on missions alone or with certain other shinobi as her teammates as she and her clan fears having these abilities revealed. When she does use it with anyone other than those specific people, she finds a way to kill them during battle or let them get killed during battle so that the word could not spread about her Kekkei Genkai. While not being used, the sword is kept in a traditional sheath, hidden in a secret compartment within her house that is not on any blueprints.

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