After the incident of his family, he moved to Konohagakure, and started studying there, and we would still play soccer after class; though a bit depressed after his family's death. During his time at the Konoha Academy, he usually scored high grades in Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Bukijutsu, but not Genjutsu and Shurikenjutsu.

After successfully graduating from the Academy, Shimo was assigned to a team led by Kenta of the Akimichi clan; the team would later be known as Team Kenta. Shimo was very timid, and he always wanted to go to simple D-Rank missions, and didn't want to go to missions where blood could be shed.

Shimo learned that his brother can take control of his body and help him on missions that would lead to fights, so he became more confident to do C-Rank missions.

He and his brother have developed many abilities that can be used by infusing chakra with a soccer ball.

The First Chūnin ExamsEdit


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