Shiiki Shougi
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Name Shiiki Shougi
Kanji 覗息 瀞儀

Also written as: 色裳衣,式政偽,累誦戯,頻瀟己,識竦疑,織清輝

Personal Status
Birthdate 17th February
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Weight 50kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown 斛龍帝国の首都

Metropolis of Kokuryuu Empire

Home Country 斛龍帝国

Kokuryuu Empire

Affiliation Kokuryuu Empire
Clan Shougi
Occupation Clan Autocratic Sovereign

Chief Executive Of Shougi Corporation

Archduchess of Kokuryuu Empire

Patron of multiple orphanages

Headman of Shisha(organization)

Office of Kokuryuu Embassy

Seat of Honor(International Table of Mercers)

Previous Occupation Advisory Royal Tactician

Military Commanding Officer

Family Grandfather:Kuruo Shougi(狂皇 瀞儀)

Father:Reikan Shougi (冷観 瀞儀),deceased Mother:Shuue Sara (襲笑  注等),deceased

Kekkei Genkai 封言(Soul of Language,Sealed Words-kotodama powers)
Shiiki Shougi (覗息 瀞儀, or also written as 色裳衣/式政偽/累誦戯/頻瀟己/識竦疑/織清輝), is the young sovereign of the Shougi Household, proprietor of all assets under the Shougi name, often known as the human incarnate of Omoikane in higher circles of the clan. Ironically perceived as an old and senile man by those who have little knowledge of the high and powerful Shougi.Suika (酔華),Shinka (津華),Sadaka(禎華),Sodeka(袖華) and Gunka(裙華), her trusted aide lovingly call her " Teishu-chan" while left alone.Formerly dubbed "The Dropout", because of her abrupt resignation from the Academy. 


Early MemoriesEdit

Shiiki is the lone,abandoned child of Reikan Shougi (冷観 瀞儀),then heir, and Shuue Sara (襲笑  注等),who fled the heavily policed and isolated compound of the Shougi House just days after her birth. Their plan of escape was futile and ended in failure as they were captured later sentenced to death by the solemn edict of Shiiki's grandfather,Kuruo Shougi(狂皇 瀞儀),t
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Shiiki's father.

he then known patriarch, on the grounds of disgraceful misconduct and disobedience. In the dead of night,they both perished in silence. Shiiki
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Shiiki's Mother

was raised in a cruel fashion.At age 5, she alone was left standing in an expanse of dead carcasses,numbed by the repulsive fragrance of putrescent dead flesh. Faces obscured by blood and gashes, of family once intimately known.Kuruo, accustomed to bloodshed and butchery of a scale much more extensive that the tableau now before him, gently cast his black coat over Shiiki's stiff stature.He slowly took Shiiki's besmirched palms in his callous ones, Kuruo's calm,phlegmatic and stolid pools of onyx, bottomless gulfs devoid of emotion reflected her smeared visage.His placid words rung loud and pristine in the hollow clearing, it threw Shiiki into a violent spasm of sobs.

"There is no family."

Kuruo's large hands gently caressed her smooth cheek, they slowly reeled back and snapped forward, returning in the form of a severe and brusque slap, echoing again.Shiiki's sobs abated, her diminutive physique still quivering as her turned cheek throbbe
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Kuruo Shougi.

d and swelled.Shiiki fell quiet as she was led away by this estranged and inhumane grandfather of hers, teetering time and time again due to his brisk stride.

This massacre being the crucial threshold of election of the Shougi Heir,an extermination of subordinates loyal to the heir before,elimination of competition and the unworthy,only the one survivor shall thrive.It was tradition to extract blood of the vanquished to dye the attire of the Heir on the day of enthronement,preparing the chosen for a journey of even worse suffering and gruelling education.

It is called the Ceremony of First Blood.

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