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Shigan (Coloered)
Name Shigan
Other Name(s) Death Eye
Clan The Kenza Family


Those who possess it only has the Shigan in one eye, most of the time that being the left eye although some have had it in their right eye, though there is no difference in abilities.

The user needs has become mature enough to even posses the eye, then they will need to use something to cover their eye from consuming chakra constently. The family members will normally use their headband or an eyepatch to cover their eye.The Shigan can also let the user see chakra. The user can only see the general chakra not chakra points. This is activated as soon as the eye is. This also takes very little charka, so users of this don't have to worry much.

The Dojutsu can also amplify the users Ninjutsu. But, for advanced users they can create a barrier about ten feet out that amplifys partners Ninjutsu's. The user can tell the diffrence of opponet and teammates chakra.

Summoning Technique Edit

With Summoning Technique there is a weird effect with summonings. The user can copy the chakra of the eye and give a copy to their summoning. For some reason it will show in the opposite side as the user has it in. It allows the two entitys to share visions and thoughts at will.

Hidden AbilityEdit

The Shigan has a very hidden technique that is always activated, if the eye is. It allows the user to see incoming attacks much faster then any should be able to. This means that he can dodge atacks and counter them dealing maximum damage.


Due to the early countering ability the user most likely will have a diffrent fighting style. Flying Fist Style.


For the most advanced users of the Shigan they can posses Yin-Yang Release. This can only be used when the Dojutsu is activated though.

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