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Sharingan: Preemptive Attack Technique
Name Sharingan: Preemptive Attack Technique
Literal English Sharingan: Preemptive Attack Technique
Hand Seals Half Tiger
Type Supplementary
Classification Sharingan Triple Kekkei Genkai, Dojutsu
Parent jutsu Sharingan Triple Genjutsu: Sharingan
User(s) Katashi Uchiha


Katashi Uchiha had created this technique with his fathers help to allow him to plan out his Genjutsu's more effectively. With this it makes Katashi a formative foe.


The user will need to look the opponent in the eyes and secretly say in their mind of a Genjutsu technique that uses the Sharingan. Once they have the victim's mind will contain the usage of the Genjutsu for it to be unleashed anytime the user wants to. If they wish to release the Genjutsu they will make a Half Tiger hand seal that will make the Genjutsu technique be unleashed upon the victim without needing to look them in the eyes again. The time that this last depends on the users skill with their Sharingan. For Katashi it can last up to 2 days until he releases it.

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