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Matured Sharingan.svg Sharingan: Genjutsu Mirrors
Name Matured Sharingan.svg Sharingan: Genjutsu Mirrors
Rank A
Hand Seals None
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Genjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin release Yin Release
Parent jutsu Matured Sharingan.svgGenjutsu: Sharingan
User(s) Daichi Uchiha


Invented by Daichi Uchiha three months after unlocking the Sharingan, this technique is one of his primary Sharingan and genjutsu techniques. What makes this technique unique is that while usually a Sharingan genjutsu technique can only work through direct eye contact, this jutsu is the exception as it does not work on enemies directly instead, it will catch victims who see the reflection of Daichi's Sharingan. What makes it most dangerous is that since the eye itself can reflect things, once a person or even an animal has caught sight of the Sharingan, it will be reflected off of their eye and catch whoever makes eye contact with them, making it easy to catch a large number of people with it. Upon being caught, the victim finds themselves inside their own mind and must confront a dark version of themselves in order to break free. During the confrontation, Daichi is able to control that dark half to break the normal stalemate. Should the person lose to their dark half, then they will be taken over by the genjutsu and undergo a personality change into the darkest version of themselves possible as someone "possessed" by their own darkness. In reality however, this is a simple form of mind control which allows Daichi to manipulate them by playing on arrogance, hatred and greed with little to no resistance if done right.

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