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Sharingan: Fearing Mind
Name Sharingan: Fearing Mind
Rank B-Rank
Type Offensive
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Parent jutsu Sharingan
User(s) Satomi Uchiha


Only Satomi's Eye's can use this technique. Once she makes eye contact, she will quickly look into that persons mind. There she will find her opponents greatest fear, and Satmoi will create an illusion that traps her opponent in their greatest fear. The illusion will repeat itself hundreds of time, seeming like years of their true fear, over and over and over again. Although, in real time it will only seem as though it was only about two to three seconds, causing even more tragic damage to the head.

It seems as though Satmoi can only use this technique once every 15 minuets. It also seems as though she can only do it twice in a day, where it will make her vision a little bit fuzzy. Any more after two times will cause temporary blindness.

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