Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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False Attack Technique
Name False Attack Technique
Rank D-Rank
Hand Seals None
Range Mid
Type Supplementary
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Sharingan
User(s) Satomi Uchiha


The user needs to make eye contact to make this technique work. Once they have they can then do a Genjutsu that makes the opponet see an attack that the user has thought of, the attack can be thought before hand aswell. The technique doesn't take much chakra, even if you were to create a complexe attack. This technique will not do any pysical damage to the victim as it is only a Genjutsu.

The user cannot control the image that they have sent out. The victim can also fight back, witch will effect their movements in the real world, if they were to hit the image it would go stright at him. If the victim does hit the image it will also give them a hint that they are traped in a Genjutsu.

The user can try to hit the victim but the Genjutsu will be shutdown and the victim has a good chance of blocking your attack. This technique is going to be mostly used to get away from a battle or have a back-up plan if so neccessary.

The user can "program" an attack so it would dodge certain moves. So say if the user were to think of an attack before a battle and thought that any low kick it would jump up but, if the victim were to punch then the punch will go through the image. They can program more then one thing.

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