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Sharingan: Drowning Genjutsu
Name Sharingan: Drowning Genjutsu
Kanji 幻術を溺死
Literal English Sharingan: Drowning Genjutsu
Range All Ranges
Type Genjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, Dojutsu
Classification Offensive
Parent jutsu Genjutsu: Sharingan
User(s) Aoi Uchiha

This is a Genjutsu that was created by Aoi Uchiha and only works for his eyes. By making some type of eye contact with the opponent, Aoi is able to cast this genjutsu where in the world, the opponent is under water drowning. They are trying to swim there way up to the top, but as they swim, their air capacity in their lungs gets smaller and smaller. Then in the Genjutsu world, they drown and die, but in reality, the opponent holds their own breath and won't gasp for air at all. They can get broken out of the genjutsu, but if they don't get oxygen to the blood, then they will die, which is how this genjutsu kills.

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