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Shadow Style: Way of Binding No.6 Phantom Chains
Shadow Style Way of Binding No 6
Name Shadow Style: Way of Binding No.6 Phantom Chains
Kanji バインディング No.6 ファントム鎖の影のスタイル: 方法
Literal English Shadow Style: Way of Binding No.6 Phantom Chains
Rank A
Hand Seals Ram
Range All ranges
Type Genjutsu
Classification Genjutsu
Chakra Nature Darkness Release Darkness Release
Derived jutsu Chakra Threads
User(s) Genki Ryuzaki

Shadow Style: Way of Binding No. 6 is a genjutsu that allows the user to bind his target in illusionary chains that appear real. This chains give the impression of draining the target's chakra.


This jutsu is cast using Darkness nature chakra as acatalyst to make it realistic as the technique depends on the target believing it's real. The user creates chakra chains out of thin air which then surround the target, the chains are then impaled into the ground by massive stakes and if the target believes this is real they are left as though they were bound by real chains. The next part is the chains begin to sap the target's chakra. In actuality, the genjutsu mearly induses the belief of his chakra being drained and the targets body responds accordingly by leaking out chakra on its own.


Due to the required degree of genjutsu prowess and the manipulation of darkness chakra very few people are noted to be capable of using this thechnique.

Genki's GrandfatherEdit

It is said that this technique was originally used by Genki's grandfather during the Second Great Ninja War to restrain the enemy villages bijuu and summoned beasts. At the time the technique was known as Great Chains of Binding and it is he who aided in Konoha's victory by using this technique. It is said that his Technique was so strong that he could subdue multiple targets at once without even needing to form hand seals.

Genki RyuzakiEdit

The technique was originally taught to Genki as Great Chains of Binding but after adding onto and upgrading the technique here and there he made it his own and changed its name to what it is now. Genki has remarked though that his techinque is nowhere near as strong as his grandfather's, it actually pales in comparison.


  • Although the actual technique requires darkness chakra to execute it is possible to use the basic concepts in regular genjutsu.

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