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Shadow Clutch Technique
320px-Kage Tsukami no Jutsu
Name Shadow Clutch Technique
Kanji 影掴みの術
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Shadow Clutch Technique
Range Short To Mid Range
Type Supplementary
Classification Hiden,Ninjutsu
Parent jutsu Shadow Imitation Technique
User(s) Teru Nara

Rakon Nara

The user materialises and extends their shadow along a surface, before merging it with that of the intended target, allowing them to grab hold of and manipulate the object in question as they desire almost as if it were an extension of themselves. Unlike with the Shadow Imitation Technique, though the two shadows are connected, the target is not forced to copy the user's movements, allowing them to retain their own range of motion.

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