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Seishin no manto
Seishin Hei
Name Seishin no manto
Kanji 精神のマント
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Spirit Cloak
Type supplementary
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu
User(s) Yuraga Hikari

Seishin no manto was created as a way to combat those with highly superior close range abilities. This technique draws on the abilities of the Hikari Clan secret ninjutsu which allows them to physically manipulate chakra. Seishin no manto is used to gather chakra and fuse it with your body increasing its functions.


The user gathers chakra from either themselves or the area around them or any other enemies around. The chakra flows through there blood stream enhancing their physical abilities. The chakra temporarily enhances their strength as well as their speed though it has a limit and doesn't grant superior levels in both those categories. Also ones durability is also heightened meaning they can take more hits then they could before. Also shuriken and kunai wont penetrate ones skin when using this technique though it can still hurt, but it is susceptible to paper bombs. When used it can only be active for 5 minutes at a time as it needs a little bit to recharge once it has depleted. Though it is not a chakra taxing jutsu, it does take a moderate amount of chakra for use.

When one is using Seishin no manto a small light blue outline will cover the users body. This is how the chakra is visible to everyone and shows the the technique is in use. As well as being a little shield which is what acts as the enhanced durability.


  • This technique is an original idea incorporating several different ideas from different anime. But the majority of it was my own idea but the other parts that were involved helped a lot.
  • The picture used is from Hei in darker then black, the blue outline shows when a contractor used his or her abilities and was the major influence from the outline that shows when using my technique.

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