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Seishin Hyuga
Name Seishin Hyuga
Kanji 精神日向
Romanji Hyuga Seishin
Personal Status
Birthdate September 11
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 6'6
Weight 123 lb
Blood Type B
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Akatsukinosora
Previous Affiliation Uchiha Clan
Hyuga Clan
Land of Fire
Clan Uchiha Clan
Hyuga Clan
Occupation Akatsukinosora Member
Previous Occupation N/A
Team Akatsukinosora
Previous Team N/A
Partner Shikyo Fushiawase
Fukanouji Mizuakari
Previous Partner N/A
Family Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Mi Hyuga(Brother)
Rei Hyuga(Brother)
Shikyo Fushiawase(Lover)
Takao Hyuga(Daughter)
Rank Jonin
Classification Shinobi
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Kekkei Tōta N/A
Tailed Beasts N/A
Hiden Techniques N/A
Nature Type Lightning Release
Fire Release
Water Release
Jutsu Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Gentle Fist
Blue Lightning Technique
Lightning Bolt Technique
Lightning Blast Technique
Lightning Strike Technique
Genjutsu: Mask of Nothingness
Fire Breath
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Clone Technique
Fire Sword
Lightning Sabre
Thousand God Fist
Thousand God Foot
Water Prison Technique
Weapons Kunai

Seishin Hyuga (精神日向 Hyuga Seishin)is a Kunoichi of both Uchiha and Hyuga decent, (her mother was a Uchiha and her father was a Hyuga), who was always seen as a prodigy growing up, always acing her classes; all the guys flirted with her, and all the girls admired her. Formally hailing from Konohagakure, she went missing during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War at the age of 10, and was later discovered in the Akatsukinosora at the age of 15, as the second in command, second only to Shikyo Fushiawase himself. Although her parents have thus far been unseen physically and vocally, Seishin has a twin sister named Mi and a step brother named Rei, who are also in the Akatsukinosora along with her.  Seishin is the main character of the author's fanfiction stories. 





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chakra PowersEdit

Seishin Hyuga has a large amount of Chakra which is finely, albeit not perfectly, controlled.  Due to her possessing so many different arts in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, plus her Kekkei Tota and both of her Dojutsu, it would naturally be required that she have a lot of Chakra in order to be able to sustain herself with how powerful she is.  In order to maintaine control over her Chakra Seishin has to frequently undergo prolonged meditation sessions, a skill which Shikyo taught to her and requently does with her. 


Seishin also possesses high levels of speed, which is attributed to many things.  First off, she's very skinny which allows her to move much faster.  Her Chakra also plays a large role in increasing her speed. However, above all else, her Taijutsu is actually what contributes to this the most.  Due to being trained by Shikyo Fushiawase, a man who's grandmstery of Taijutsu has allowed him to reach unfathomable speeds, Seishin, due to her mastery of the art, has also obtained great speeds with it, although not nearly as much as him, though. 


Seishin does have a high level of intelligence.  During the Fifth Great Shinobi World War, after the Akatsukinosora got involved as a third faction, while Shikyo Fushiawase continued to remain low, Seishin was placed as the lead strategiest as the second in command of the organization.  She considers combat on the battlefield of a full scale war to be similar to a chess game; taking advantage of a Jutsu of one of her comrades she's able to simultaneously communicate to all of her comrades on the battlefield at once and give them orders of where to go, when to defend, when to attack, where to attack, who to attack, when to dodge, and where attacks are coming from, all while remaining at some designated safe location; in the case of the Fifth Great Shinobi World War, that was deep in the mountains, where the war never spread to. 


Due to her Uchiha Blood, Seishin possesses very high levels of Genjutsu skills.  This is the one she learned at a very young age, being taught it by her much older siblings, Mi Hyuga and Rei Hyuga; this skill is how they survived after being orpahned by the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, due to, at that time, all of their other skills and ranging from being subpar to terrible.  These days Seishin's able to perform high level Genjutsu skills with just one hand performing the hand seals; it's rare, albeit not completely unheard of for any Shinobi to be able to perform any Jutsu using only one hand.  She has learned many Genjutsu skills from her siblings or other training partners who are skilled in Genjutsu, and has created many more, making it one of her most favorited and most used forms of combat.  In addition to casting Genjutsu on others, she's also extremely talented with breaking the Genjutsu hold that others may have on her; at times, if she has enough Chakra, she's even able to cast her own Genjutsu and break the Genjutsu of someone else at the same time, a feat which most Genjutsu users are unable to actually do.  The creation and dispertion of Genjutsu has become literally second nature to her in this day and age, to the point that some of her opponents mistake her for actaully being a Genjutsu, meaning they wonder if she's real or if someone else is creating her as an illusion, a true testament to her power in this art.  Even Uchiha or others who utilize the base form of the Sharingan, or Uchiha who have just gained the Mangekyo Sharingan but haven't trained with it enough, find it impossible to see through her illusions.  However, a weakness is discovered when she faces skilled Mangekyo Sharingan users or even basic level Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan users or Rinnegan users, as they can almost always easily see through her illusions, (especially Rinnegan users).  She also has trouble casting more than three Genjutsu at the same time, or casting one for more than three miles of a distance, putting herself at a disadvantage against someone like Itachi Uchiha, who's numerously shown casting his Tsukuyomi and Kotoamatsukami Genjutsus for miles on end.  And finally, after utilizing nothing but Genjutsu for up to 30 minutes, (sometimes more and sometimes less, it tends to vary), she has to quite using Genjutsu and use something else for about the same length of time to let herself cool down, so extremely prolonged Genjutsu battles really aren't her strong suite. 


After being taken in by Shikyo Fushiawase, the Legendary Taijutsu Grandmaster, she began to be trained in the art of Taijutsu right away.  He mainly focused on teaching her about Bāguàzhǎng, due to that Chinese Martial Art being the basic root of the Hyuga Clan's Byakugan, but also teaching her a countless number of general Taijutsu techniques.  To this day her Taijutsu skills are not one of her best, but she is constantly training to improve them.  She's even managed to tap into the Eight Gates, albeit only managing to open a total of one of them so far; and in addition to that, she hasn't even mastered that one yet.  She trains every chance she can get with Shikyo in Taijutsu; she has secret aspirations of one day surpassing him, or at least equalling him, in Taijutsu power, but deep down knows tha neither of those will probably ever happen.  Still, she's more than just generally capable in Taijutsu.  Her movements are swift, quick, and silent, and Taijutsu's her highest duration of a skill, meaning she's able to perform it the longest during a battle if that's all she's using. 


Kenjutsu is the worst skill in her arsenal, although she does still have substantial amounts of skills in it.  After Fukanouji Mizuakari joined the Akatsukinosora he began to teach her how to use a sword properly, eventually allowing her to utilize several basic and advanced Kenjutsu techniques.  Although Fukanouji Mizuakari is technically still greater than her at Kenjutsu, her speed and Chakra allows her to almost stay on par with him or other Kenjutsu masters, such as Itachi Uchiha, at least for a little while anyways. 


Lightning Release

Fire ReleaseEdit

Water ReleaseEdit

Kekkei GenkaiEdit



One of Seishin's greatest powers is her Kekkei Genkai Dojutsu the Byakugan.  She unlocked at a young age, being only ten years old at the time so, being 30 today, she's had twenty years to build up her powers with her Byakugan. 


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  • (To the Jeagers) "If you threaten my loved one's well being, I'll threaten your life.  If you scratch them, I'll kill you myself.  If you fatally wound them, I'll kill your whole family in front of you, and then kill you afterwards.  If you kill them, then there's no words to describe the unspeakable hell that I shall rain down on you and your loved ones." 


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