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Seiryoku Arrow
Name Seiryoku Arrow
Hand Seals none
Range Long range
Type Offensive
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu
User(s) Yuraga Hikari

Using Yin chakra to manipulate the chakra within himself and/or the environment, is able to make it physical. Yuraga is able to then reshape the chakra into whatever he see's fit.


Like other of his techniques Yuraga is able to make his chakra physical and can use them in a way that others cannot. He shapes the chakra he is using into the form of a simple arrow with a pointed tip. The arrow is used with the Seiryoku Bow in order to attack from long to mid range. The arrow can also when in mid air after being shot, can scatter into several smaller and weaker arrows. This is useful when trying to attack a target that can dodge fast.

When combined with the bow it can be a deadly weapon, and has a speed that can cover a great distance in only a moment. It is because of this that Yuraga decided to create this technique.

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