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The Seireiden (星黎殿 Seireiden?, Star of Darkness Castle) is a massive castle floating above the clouds which belongs to
Kokuhyo Nara, and serves as his own personal base of operations, as well as the base of operations for his army of Energy Release users, where they stay and await their assault on the Shinobi World.  It was so large that it was able to be the sole battle ground during the Fifth Great Shinobi World War. 



Saishuku no ShadanEdit

Saishuku no Shadan

Saishuku no Shadan

Saishuku no Shadan
(宰祝の社壇?, Mandala Shrine of Ruling Celebration) is the second and final evolution of the original Seireiden,w hich Kokuhyo activated when all the defenses of the original Seireiden were completely breached by enemy forces. 

Known ResidentsEdit

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