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Sea Gate
Sea Gate
Name Sea Gate
Kanji 海門
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Literal English Sea Gate
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Shio SpiralHiden
Parent jutsu Eight Gates
User(s) Yakedo Shio

The Sea Gate is another inner "gate" linked to the Eight Gates, forcing the body to use the brain's entire capacity through chakra. The user is granted the mental capacity of a computer until it wears off. They are capable of analyzing techniques, abilities and movements at superhuman speeds while the gate is open, as well as formulate excellent battle plans within moments, becoming in effect instant geniuses and strategists far and away past those hailed as "genii" for the technique's duration.


Overuse of this technique, forcing the brain to operate at peak efficiency, can cause lasting mental degradation and damage. Due to some of the more well-known effects being mental degradation, skewed reasoning, and insanity, it has been theorized this is the cause for Yakedo's parents' militarization program.


  • It shares the same romanisation as the Gate of Opening, (開門, Kaimon).