Sakyū Clan
Name Sakyū Clan
Kanji 砂丘一族
Rōmaji Sakyū Ichizoku
Literal English Dune Family
Members First Kazekage
Affiliation Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure
Jutsu Glass Needle Shards
Sandstorm Technique
Boiling Sands Technique

The Sakyū clan of Sunagakure are a family renowned throughout the Land of Wind for their desert ninjutsu.


The Sakyū were a relative latecomer to the era of Warring States, being formed in the Land of Wind by a woman who had spent her young life refining her ninjutsu to the desert and empty sand. After she captured a powerful male ninja, with no clan affiliation, she forced him to help her produce an heir, the man who would later become the Shodai Kazekage.

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