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Sage Transformation
Name Sage Transformation
Rank Unknown
Type Offensive
Classification Senjutsu
Kekkei Genkai
User(s) Bourei

Sage Transformation|仙人化|Senninka}} is a bodily reaction in those with Jūgo's Clan's ability to absorb Senjutsu Chakra which results in increased physical capabilities similar to Sage Mode and the ability perform various shape-shifting feats.

Usage Edit

This transformation is a multifaceted ability that permits them to achieve feats ranging from creating various weapon-like appendages to even consuming other human beings, as well as a general increase in their physical capabilities, such as in strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, perception and durability, along with improved power of techniques. Once transformed, common features include eyes with yellow irides and black sclerae, altered skin colour and longer hair (hair colour change may also occur in some users).

In the experiments created by Orochimaru, this ability is referred to as Cursed Seal Transformation|呪印化|(Juinka). A user can transplant his or her flesh with anyone compatible with such experiments, in the events of a heavy injury, though this will cause the user's body to shrink in size and age.

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