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Sage Art: Seeping Venom
Name Sage Art: Seeping Venom
Kanji 賢者美術:浸透毒
Literal English Sage Art: Seeping Venom
Hand Seals Snake
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Yaichi

While in Sage Mode, Yaichi or any of his snakes are able to produce this venom, the venom seeps out of any pore or opening in their body, their mouth, fangs, and other places. It is a slick substance similar to sweat, and when it gets into the opponents system it does one of these few things.

One it goes directly to the nerves of the person causing great pain, second it can go into the person's chakra network and cause the network to malfunction, the opponent won't be able to give out a certain amount of chakra for a technique because the venom , also if left in the chakra network for more than 5 minutes it starts to turn the opponents chakra into senjutsu chakra. The venom is like the oil from Mount Myōboku, the venom draws in natural energy, but only when it is casted.

With that the person won't be able to control natural energy in that part of the body, that part of the body will turn into stone. Another thing it does is if it gets into the blood stream, it destroys blood cells, clogs up arteries, and goes to some of the main organs and destroys them. This will certainly kill the opponent, also this takes about 15 minutes to do this, so as the 15 minutes pass by, it will destroy organs, and depending on which organ, it may kill the person before the 15 minutes is over.

Yaichi and his snakes are immune to this venom. The way it gets into a person is through openings in the opponents body, also if the venom touches the person and they leave it on their body for more than 2 minutes, the venom will be absorbed into their body. With that, it will possibly go anywhere and do one of its deadly functions. To stop the venom from doing its function, the person must either wipe it off, try to close up their open wounds, or if the venom is inside, cut off the part of the body that the venom is in.

A drawback is that when its used once, it cannot be used for another 5 minutes, with Yaichi and his snakes.

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