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Sage Art: Cobra Transformation Preparation
Name Sage Art: Cobra Transformation Preparation
Kanji 賢者美術:コブラ変換の準備
Literal English Sage Art: Cobra Transformation Preparation
Hand Seals Snake
Type Senjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Yaichi

By weaving the Snake Hand Sign and not in Sage Mode, Yaichi is covered in this skin, in this skin, he gathers natural energy. The energy converts his body into a 20 foot long snake, and does some other changes, this technique is called Sage Art: Cobra Transformation. Yaichi has to be completely still, and cannot be moved, if he is, the technique will be canceled. To stop this from happening, he has King Cobra I or King Cobra II swallow him, he must stay still for 2 minutes, then when he is ready, he is spit out, or the skin breaks.

The skin is turned into stone, and thats how you know when Yaichi has been transformed, the stone cracks and Yaichi emerges.

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