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Sage Art: Cobra Transformation
Name Sage Art: Cobra Transformation
Kanji 賢者美術:コブラ変容
Literal English Sage Art: Cobra Transformation
Hand Seals Snake
Range All Ranges
Type Senjutsu
Classification Supplementary
Parent jutsu Sage Art: Seeping Venom
Sage Art: Scale Covering
Sage Art: Cobra Transformation Preparation
User(s) Yaichi

After getting out of Sage Art: Cobra Transformation Preparation, Yaichi comes out in a new form, he has this sap coming from him and he has a longer and bigger body. His whole body is transformed, for starters, his legs are turned into a 10 foot long tail. Then his upper body is really transformed, his ribs, spinal cord, and internal organs are turned very flexible and there is a flab of skin around his torso area. That area can be opened into a hood. Then his head is turned to look like a snakes head, but still with some human resemblance. He also is covered in scales, and his whole body is as sharp as a swords edge.

But that isn't it, the reason why his whole body is as sharp as a swords edge is because in his transformation, he has the Sage Art: Scale Covering on him. Then also he has Sage Art: Seeping Venom, but his transformation does not negate the downfall of the technique. Also when he is in this transformation, his sensory, speed and strength increases for the amount of time he is in it. Basically he is a Cobra.

The downfall to this technique is that, he can only stay in it for 3 minutes, it does not increase the time he can stay in Sage Mode, if he is in Sage Mode, he has to exit out of Sage Mode first then use Sage Art: Cobra Transformation Preparation. Another thing is that when he exits out of this technique, he cannot move for another 2 hours or it will cause him great pain or more damage to himself, also in that 2 hours, he cannot go back into Sage Mode, and even when that 2 hours are up, he cannot go back into Sage Mode for another hour. In this time period he will be open for attacks This is a last resort technique, and he won't use it unless it is a very powerful opponent, or more people than he can handle.

To keep himself from being attacked, he usually is swallowed by either King Cobra I or King Cobra II.

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