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Sacred Ascension Funeral
Name Sacred Ascension Funeral
Rank N/A
Hand Seals N/A
Range N/A
Type Supplemental
Classification Ritual, Ninjutsu & Hidden
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release & Fire Release
Parent jutsu Unknown
User(s) None


The Sacred Ascension Funeral Technique is a hidden technique of the Kisei Clan which is used in their religious rituals and festivals. It is said to not just burn the body but purify it, allowing it to become one with the soul that has departed from it, allowing it to ascend to a new level of  godhood. No one is sure what really happens to the body when it disintegrates however, the chakra left in the body is said to become part of the body, causing the fire to take the form of the person who died briefly before disappearing. To the Kisei clan, this is a sign that the soul has ascended to that higher level of godhood. According to the Kisei Clan, this technique was taught to them by one of their gods during their new year ritual five hundred years ago. Since the destruction of the Kisei Clan, how to preform this technique has been lost, leaving behind a mystery no one can solve.

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