This page serves to keep a record of who has won how many battle role plays and with who and how many times with each person, an invention by our former Mizukage. However, this page is currently under construction so that it'll provide more details to readers.


vs. User:Kaitan: 0-5-0 (Just wait, I will beat him)
vs. User:Boredfan10-0-2
vs. User:Na'Jorne2-0-0
vs. User:SageOfDespair0-1-0
vs. User:LeKabuto
vs. User:Nori-sushi-chan


vs. User:ISavage:5-0-0
vs. User:Boredfan1: 0-0-1
vs. User:Na'Jorne: 1-0-0
vs. User:SageOfDespair: 0-0-0
vs. User:LeKabuto 0-0-0
vs. User:Nori-sushi-chan 0-0-0


vs. User:Kaitan:
vs. User:Na'Jorne:
vs. User:SageOfDespair
vs. User:LeKabuto:
vs. User:Nori-sushi-chan:
vs. User:ISavage:

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