The RulesEdit

In order to ensure that everything looks neat and organized, here are a list of rules that everyone must follow.

  1. Users are not allowed to make subheading for categorizing their characters, the page would become far too large.
  2. Characters must have their name linked to their page.
  3. Characters must be fully completed before being listed e.g their template, background, personality, appearance and abilities.
  4. Characters that are overpowered such as a character with every base and advanced nature with mastery of them all cannot be placed here, they are in violation of the wiki's main rules. They will be removed and you warned.
  5. Characters that fall under one of the wiki's character restriction rules that you do not have permission to utilize cannot be placed here, they will be removed and you warned.
  6. Place a space after the name with a - and put a brief description of the character which must include village, rank and occupation.
  7. No one is allowed to mess with the rules heading and the rules list, doing so twice is a temporary ban of three days.
  8. No one is allowed to mess with the character list of other users, doing so is twice purposely will result in a temporary ban of three days.
  9. Users must add their own name to the list and place it alphabetically. This means that if you're name is an A, you place it towards the top of the list. Note that if there is already names with you're letter on the list, you place it after them. When doing so, there must be at least two spaces between each user list.

Boredfan1 Edit

Karura Ketsueki

Ikido Edit

Coming soon.

ZackTheRaikage Edit


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