This page exists to log everyone's completed and ongoing, abandoned and completed both fanon canon and non-fanon canon role plays.

The RulesEdit

These rules are here to guide users when editing the page and keeping it in a specific format so that it remains well organized and help viewers figure out which role plays they wish to read.

  1. Characters ready to be used are not to be put on this page, add them to the Available Characters page found at the top of this page.
  2. Users may only add role plays, their descriptions and correct writing mistakes on this page. Deletion of role plays that have not been deleted by an admin or bureaucrat or removing a description that is already up is not allowed. The only exception is if the description has spoilers or is otherwise poorly written.
  3. Listed role plays must have their name be the link to their page, correctly listed under the right main heading and right subheading in alphabetical order. For example, The Eyes That See Fate is a non fanon canon role play that has been abandoned therefore, it goes under the non fanon canon main heading and abandoned sub heading in the T section.
  4. Descriptions must be breif, no more than three or four lines long and written in grammically correct American English however, length does have some exceptions and won't be too strictly enforced.
  5.  Anyone who violates these rules three times will get a temporary ban of one week.

Fanon Canon Role PlaysEdit


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Hopefully never coming soon.

Non-Fanon Canon Role PlaysEdit

Ongoing RoleplaysEdit

Abandoned Role PlaysEdit

  • Appearance Version Two --- Suggested by Boredfan1 as a remake of the original because he enjoyed the role play, wanted to do a role play and wanted to see the role play at a greater quality. Unfortunately, his opponent, ISavage lost interest.

Completed RoleplaysEdit

Examination Role PlaysEdit

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