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Reverse Clinch
Name Reverse Clinch
Kanji クリンチを逆転
Literal English Reverse Clinch
Rank C-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Taijutsu, Chakra Flow, Fighting Style
Parent jutsu Reverse Art
User(s) Kaname

This technique is performed by putting your forearms on to the opponents collar bone, and clinching their neck, then crossing your hands behind his neck and the back of his head. With this done, you have full control over your opponent and where they move. Then you can mix in knees by pulling their head down while driving your knee in, or by releasing one hand but still keeping your opponent in your grasp and mixing in elbows. With the Reverse Art mixed in, you can already cause damage in the opponents collar bone, and lower neck without physically hitting them. You can also do this from multiple angles.


This technique is based off the real Thai Clinch used in the martial art Muay Thai.

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