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Reverse Art
Name Reverse Art
Kanji 芸術を逆転
Literal English Reverse Art
Range Short Range
Type Taijutsu, Chakra Flow, Fighting Style
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Kaname

Reverse Art was created by Kaname and the only other person to know it is Waku. This is a taijutsu and chakra flow technique that kind of has the same concept from Gentle Fist and from various other taijutsu arts. The user of this technique chakra flow is reversed, in being reversed it make it to where the chakra reaches its points way faster than the regular chakra flow. This make it to where the user has stronger and faster techniques. Another thing to the Reverse Art is that they can reverse the chakra flow in technique or in someones body. This sudden reverse in someones chakra flow in that certain area make it to where the chakra collides and explodes inside the person, or make it to where they don't have fluid chakra flow there, and any damage there will be increased. In a technique for example like Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, the user can hit the fire ball and make the chakra flow in the fire ball go into the other direction towards where it came from.

The thing is, if the user does not hit it at the precise moment and revers the chakra, then it could hit them and backfire. The Reverse art works with the Eight Gates. Also this technique opens up a lot of other techniques.

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