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Resurrection Release
Name Resurrection Release
Rank S
Hand Seals Coming Soon
Range Short To Medium
Type Supplemental
Classification Fuinjutsu, Kinjutsu & Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Unknown

The Resurrection Release techique releases a spirit slumbering within a Resurrection Seal and gives it a body of it's own, reviving the person from the dead by channeling a large amount of chakra into the seal along with life force of either the user or another person and focusing on the details of and or visualizing on the body they will have, giving the user the power to determine what kind of body they return in and to a degree, their capabilities. Typically, the amount of life force needed will cause the person who it comes from to die instantly unless they possess exceptional life force such as the Uzumaki in which case they simply lose a good twenty years of their life.


Coming soon.


  • This technique was invented as the Resurection Seal was in the process of being fine tuned.

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