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The Ressurection Seal is an ancient and complex seal designed to allow people who wear it to return from the dead by transferring their soul into another Ressurection Seal somewhere else upon the wearer's death. The reason for it's creation is unknown however, the clan which invented it have used it maintain their population and military strength among other things.


For the seal to transfer a soul to another seal until it can be released later, it uses any remaining chakra of the wearer and the body's energy to absorb the soul into itself then activate the closest Ressurection Seal by using the built in connection between all the seals to send a small jolt of energy through time and space into the other seal, activating it then sends the absorbsed soul into the other seal through a sort of teleportation. To elaborate, someone that doesn't have enough chakra or physical and mental energy will have the energy within their bones, flesh and blood absorbed to activate the seal's power however, it is careful to leave the spot that the seal was placed on so that the seal won't be destroyed.  As the seal is absorbing the soul, the spirit is able to visialize or otherwise focus upon a specific seal then it is that seal which is activated for the transfer however, if that does not accrue, then the nearest one is targeted for the transfer.  

seal which has been activated in reponse to the activation of other seal upon someone's death draws on the chakra of the wearer or their body's physical energy as well as mental energy to a much more minor degree in order to keep the seal active until the sent soul is properly sealed which of course uses whatever keeps the seal active. But however it is activated, the seal glows purple until the transfer is complete which happens in the matter of seconds, giving no time for enemies to prevent it from happening. Of course, seals which have been damaged and are no longer complete cannot be targeted for the transfer however, it is difficult to do any damage to it since only the most powerful things such as the most powerful acids or techniques ranked A or S ranked can actually do damage to it. This is only true for the later developed version of the seal however, the early version which is the same in all other regards could easily be damaged and destroyed by just about anything. 

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  • I invented this seal while watching season four of smallville, episode eight, inspired by the events during the episode.

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