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The flocking of crows could be heard in the distance. Their flight path travels through the skies, and eventually flows into a Dense forest. The clouds spread over the land as its dark form blocks the light from reaching the horizon. An endless rain covers the land, the crows soar through it all and one of the few lands on a branch. It separated itself from the rest, as it sense danger ahead. Moving away from the crow further into the forest, the sound of clashing could be heard. Several dead bodies found on the forest floor, with kunai's lodged into their bodies. The clashing of knives gets louder then stops suddenly. Complete silence with the only noise being that of the rain drops cluttering through the area. A konoha shinobi crawls through the forest with his left leg ripped off. A tall man then appears walking towards him slowly as if not caring. He grasp the kohona shinobi from the back of the head and lifts him into the air with one hand.

He holds the ninja in the air facing away from him, as he ask "Why do you chase me, what is it that you want from me" he says in calm curious voice. The shinobi then replies "To... To bring you in for questioning", the man seems pleased with the response he got. "Why what is it about me that interest your village" he says with no intensity in his voice. The ninja stays silent, then after a few moments "You were said to have a strange array of jutsu, we want to know what they do". The man stays silent, then in a calm voice says "Thank you, you have been most helpful. Then in an instant crushed the mans skull with his bear hand killing him. His face becomes more serious, and in a angered voice says to himself "Shinobi who cannot stay loyal to there village and keep information secret, don't deserve the title of shinobi. Then he walks away with his figure becoming harder to see as the rain pours.

"Raiden, we have a request for you from the Raikage, its a mission." A Jonin Shinobi says to Raiden. Raiden, who was laying on a rock in Kumogakure, looking at the ocean and clouds, Raiden who had his eyes turns to the Kumo shinobi and says, "A mission, from the Rai, (sigh) how come he just couldn't get anyone else" Raiden says. The Jonin Kumo ninja then says, "From what the Raikage told me, he told me to tell you that you had the right skill set to handle this mission." Raiden then opens one eyes and says, "Ok give me the note." The Jonin Kumo ninja then gives him a note and it says:

"Raiden, its the Raikage and I have a mission for you. It has been brought to our attention that this ninja from Amegakure has been stealing Hidens, and to get them he kills the ninja with the Hiden ability. It has also been brought to our attention that he has just killed a group of ninja from Konoha, and this is the last infraction that we will take. So, with your skills I need you to go and find this person, from eye witness accounts he is a tall person, and that's all we have for now. This will be considered about a B-Rank ninja, you will be paid about 100,000 ryo for killing him, and 150,000 ryo for his capture, its up to you, now go."

Raiden rolls the paper back up then sits up, "Well I guess I will head off." he says to the Jonin ninja. "I can make it there in a half a day with my Flying Technique." Raiden says as he uses the flying technique. He then takes off.

Back within Amegakure the rain continues to pour, as foot steps are heard splashing from the mud. Gengaku walks through an open field to an unknown destination. Along the way a man walking in the opposite direction of Gengaku can be seen. As the two cross paths, they apparently pass each other without so much as glance towards one another. Later Gengaku reaches a small little abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. He walks in now sheltered from the rain, he then begins to sit on the floor.

His eyes close as if to concentrate on something, the only sound is the pouring of the rain. He then remembers the moment he passed by the man, without looking at each other the man says "Kumogakure sends more" then acts as if they never spoke. Back to the present, Gengaku opens his eyes "hmmm so they send another, looks like ill have to send a message to the villages using this targets dead body." with that he gets up and leaves the abandoned house, traveling towards the outskirts of Amegakure.

As time passed Raiden thought to himself, "Hmm, I wonder how strong this dude is, I better not take any chances with him, I will just try to kill him instead of capture him." Raiden says. As Raiden flies along, he gets to a point where he can see Amegakure, and the rain clouds over it. "Wow, that's a lot of rain, looks like I am about an hour away." Raiden says to himself. 30 minutes later, Raiden starts to approach the outskirts of Amegakure, he lowers his altitude to land and when he does he starts to walk along the path to Amegakure.

Gengaku wait's as he resides within a ravine located between to large cliffs, at the bottom where the ground is flooded with water from the rain. His eyes closed, as he prepares himself from the threat that comes. Not knowing his skill level or abilities, but still stays calm and knows not to underestimate his target. The never ending rain is the only thing visible as it blurs the surrounds making it hard to see anything. Though Gengaku has lived here his whole life and knows this rain very well. He can faintly hear puddles louder then the ones the rain makes. He opens his eyes and see's a faint outline of a man far out into the rain making his way towards Gengaku. He stays still not moving an inch as he awaits his enemy.

Raiden keeps on his path towards the village says to himself, "Man, this rain won't let up." Raiden says as he looks into the air. He then starts to look around the area. Raiden then just keeps on with his path.

As the man gets closer his appearance becomes more and more focused. He is only a few meters now away from Gengaku who is contemplating on what to do first. He hopes that this man will at least give him a little challenge before he dies. Ever since he returned to the village his actions prior have made him a well known ninja. Only well known the those who have a high enough clearance to to such as ANBU. It has become a very exiting experience to have the five great shinobi villages sending shinobi to extract him. Though at times this has become an annoyance, not because he is constantly being attacked but because none of the shinobi have been a challenge for hi. He has not been able to use some of the jutsu he has aquried as they have died before he had the chance. Though the villages have not been sending their best shinobi as of late for unknown reasons, though this is actually a blessing. It gives him more time to focus on the conflicts going on with Amegakure.

He has flashes throughout his head of a few shinobi that he has killed in the past, all of them giving up and betraying their village. He starts to get angry as he holds a rock in his right hand. His anger towards them having no loyalty impacts that rock as he crushes it in a instant. He hopes this shinobi will show what it means to be a true shinobi. He also needs to use this shinobis death as a message to the villages to back off, he needs to focus more on Amegakure for the moments. He cant allow any distractions for now, and with that begins walking towards Raiden, who is now only 10 seconds away.

As Raiden walks along, he sees an outline of a person, then as he gets closer, Raiden can see what he looks like, mainly his face. He sees that the person has long hair, and what looks to be bandages over his mouth, but what really stood out to Raiden was his height. Which was the description that eye-witnesses gave, so Raiden not the type to take chances, he says to the man who was now maybe 15 feet away, "Hey Stop! Are you the one that has been killing ninja and stealing Hiden?" Raiden asks with his right hand in his pouch on the right side of the waist, and his left hand in a pouch in his lower back.

Gengaku completely ignores the man, continuing in his direction not even saying a word to his question. He see's the shinobi sent from Kumogakure even better now and is able to see him clearly. He see's a tanned man like most from kumo sprouting white hair which goes down his backside. He thinks to himself about how kumo has underestimated his abilities by sending only one man, though he will not do the same and treat this man like he is a grand threat.

"Ok, he isn't stopping, time to attack." Raiden says to himself. Raiden then throws a Kunai with a 10 foot long wire, attached to the 5 foot point of the wire was a Explosive tag, and at the 10 foot mark was another explosive tag. Then from his back pocket, Raiden throws 3 shuriken at the Gengaku. Then when his hands were free, he weaves 5 hand signs.

Gengaku retrieves a kunai from his own pouch and sends it flying towards Raiden's it counters it causing the explosive tags to detonate prematurely between the two. The shock wave of the blast cancels out the shuriken. With that done Gengaku waits for his opponents next move, carefully watching his movements.

Through the smoke, Raiden is able to wrap a Kunai with and explosive tag at the grip end without Gengaku noticing because of the smoke from the exploding tags. Then Raiden throws 5 shuriken including the one with explosive tag wrapped around it. The other 4 had fake explosive tags on then, then to increase the velocity at which the kunai were moving, Raiden uses Wind Release Stream.

The mass array of weapons Raiden had thrown flew through the last remnants of the smoke at a fast speed. They all strike Gengaku within the chest including the one with the explosive tag which then detonates. It explodes seemingly destroying him in the process, though instead of blood and ashes mud is spread all over as if it exploded. Gengaku then appears a few meters behind Raiden and says "hmm you would think that Kumogakure would send a warrior with more skill".

"And you would think, a shinobi wouldn't give away there position like that." Raiden says as he jumps to do a front flip, as he faces upside down towards Gengaku, he uses Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique, sending the wave towards Gengaku.

He stays still as the wind blade flurry's through the air, if he were to mess up he would be sliced in half. "Its called, a trap" Gengaku calmly says, as he activates a explosive tag he had placed before hand which is now under the air born Raiden who is still upside with a slim chance of avoiding it. While Gengaku merely jumps into the air avoiding the wind. landing safely back in his spot after it has passed.

What Gengaku failed to realize was that, when Raiden weaved the five hand signs earlier in the fight, they were essentially for the Wind Cutter Technique. With Raiden's wind control, he was able to only let out a small gust of wind when he threw the 5 Kunai at Gengaku. With that small gust of wind, Raiden was using Wind Control Technique to gather up wind, so now, he uses Wind Control: Flight Technique to fly out of the way before the tag exploded. He then floats about 20 feet from off the ground and asks, "Why are you stealing Hiden's from ninja?"

Gengaku looks into the air as Raiden floats, "Ahh so you can fly what an interesting technique, and to answer your question" he takes a second then continues "To become more powerful, how about i show you first hand". He then slams his palms together and closes his eyes, seemingly motionless. He begins to focus his chakra to activate a technique.

Raiden stays floating in the air, and while Gengaku focuses his chakra, Raiden does the same as well, not knowing what was in store. Though he kept his eyes open to watch Gengaku.

Gengaku's skin turns to a very pale color as he concentrates. With that he opens his eyes and keeps them focused on Raiden. "Looks like i will finally have to use some of my ninjutsu on you". With both of his palms pushed together, he then changes to forming hand seals "Earth Release: Grand Pillars" he says as a small circle around him is formed in the ground, then it rises like a puller with him on top. It lifts high into the air until Gengaku is at the same height as Raiden, "Now i will show you what i can really do".

"Hmm, that seems troubling, I hope I don't have to use that technique." Raiden says as he gains altitude and uses Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Wave, but instead of sending the wave of wind at Gengaku, he uses Wind Control Technique and then using the wind from the Vacuum waves, he creates a tornado.

Naruto Shippuden OST 2 - Amaterasu (Kakuzu)-001:50

Naruto Shippuden OST 2 - Amaterasu (Kakuzu)-0

As Raiden begins to use his technique

Gengaku see's the tornado forming and prepares for it. He jumps off of the Pillar straight into the tunnel of the tornado, using his strength to guide him as he pushes himself past the wind. Eventually he reaches the end of the tornado near Raiden and tries to roundhouse kick his face. As the torando then deforms itself into nothing.

Since the Tornado's wind was about 110 mph, even though Gengaku had strength, he had no foundation to keep him grounded to use his strength to go through the tornado. The winds where too strong, and him jumping into the tornado gave him a bad advantage, since the tornado moves in a circular motion, it catches Gengaku and spins him within the twister. Then Raiden throws a paper bomb into the twister and makes it explode, the fire from the explosion expands because of the wind, and engulf the whole twister, scorching anything in it.

Though unknown to Raiden Gengaku did have help which kept helped push him through the tornado, and using his strength while the bugs kept him airborn to move forward and kicked the paper bomb out of the tornado striking raiden in the process.

While the tornado was going, Raiden gathered up wind again, but this time using Wind Defense. By the time Gengaku got to Raiden, his Wind Defense was already up, when Gengaku kicks Raiden, he kicks the wind defense. At the same time Raiden still makes the paper bomb explode, it hits the both of them, though since Gengaku had no defense, his leg was most likely blown off. While Raiden's wind defense takes the explosion, but knocks Raiden back.

The explosion seemingly blew off his leg, though while the wind defense was no more after the explosion Gengaku took this oppurtinty and landed his right hand on Raiden's ankle. He then lets go and falls back down to the ground making a small crator. "Hahaha that would of hurt an average man, though not me". He had used his Kikaichū to cover him before it detonated, killing several of them but blocking a lot of the explosion and thanks to his unusual durability was able to come out with only a few scratches from the blast. "You are a wind user, you have an unusual fighting strategy, ive read through your movements. You deploy tools, mostly explosive tags and combine it with your wind techniques to expand the results. Not bad of a strategy, but now i know your ways" he says. His skin had also turned back to normal after coming into contact with Raiden. His Kikaichū return into his body, and begin mating to make more.

Not being the one to take chances, Raiden looks at his ankle to make sure Gengaku didn't put a explosive tag on his ankle, or anything else. Raiden then looks at Gengaku and says, "You may think you have seen through my movements, but trust me you haven't." Raiden says as the tornado comes to a stop and starts to gather around Raiden Raiden then says, "Do something about this." Raiden then uses Wind Control: Pressurized Hurricane sending a huge wave of wind at Gengaku.

Not giving Raiden a chance to finish using his jutsu, quickly places his hand in a weird seal and says "Mind Body Disturbance Technique". Raiden who is to pre occupied with trying to finish his hand seals wont have enough time to before the technique hits.

Since Wind Control: Pressurized Hurricane didn't take any hand seals to perform, the large blade of wind shoots off towards Gengaku before he is able to do the Mind Body Disturbance Technique hand seal.

Gengaku's jutsu still manages to hit Raiden, while he used the jutsu. As the wave of wind comes crashing down on Gengaku, he see's the opening he needs to dodge it their by evading the attack entirely.

Since the Mind Body Disturbance is a short to mid range technique, and Raiden is more than 40 feet high, the technique didn't make it to him. Raiden then uses Wind Control: Hurricane Breeze, "Hmm, how did he dodge the Pressurized Hurricane, its no way he could of known its weakness that fast." Raiden thinks to himself.

Gengaku does then does something unexpected and floats high up into the air flying over the strong wind style jutsu. He then stays airborn at the same height as Raiden. "So lighting shinobi what do you plan to do now" he exclaims as he has had no problems dealing with raidens techniques and has not even truly fought back at all. From the beginning he was toying with the shinobi.

"I don't know how you did it, but it seems like you copied my techniques, which are Hiden. So it seems like you did that technique that allows you to steal Hidens, Hmmm." Raiden then weaves 3 specific hand signs that Gengaku didn't know. "Too bad you can't copy this." Raiden says a large amount of wind gathers around him.

Gengaku simply stays in the air and prepares himself for whatever raiden has in store. His eyes focused on the shinobi analyzing him carefully.

The wind then starts to turn white, and Raiden says, "I usually don't have to resort to using this technique, but I think it calls for it." Raiden says as wind then goes towards Gengaku, "Ice Release: Wind Control: Cool Breeze." Raiden says as the wind moves a over 200 mph freezing things as it moves, even the water vapor in the air is freezing.

He bgins to notice the air around the attack begins to freeze so its visible, the surrounding area begins to get colder as the the wind breeze begins to close in on Gengaku. He extends both hands in opposite directions as his Kikaichū begin to swarm out of his body in a mass array. They then begin to cover Gengaku, closing up every inch of his body as more and more of his bugs merge with him. They are able to create a sphere pure of Kikaichū with Gengaku in the center not visible. With no openings what so ever, they all begin kneading their chakra into Gengaku in order for his body temperature to increase to high levels. With that the wind hits the sphere which then begins to freeze up creating a massive ice ball. After the wind passes, the sphere shatters killing all the bugs that made it up. Gengaku still stays afloat unharmed in anyway. "Is that it, I guess so" he says.

He then moves to the offesnive, having more of his bugs leave his body they begin to swarm above Raiden to keep him from going any higher into the air. Then Gengaku has them come down, so either raiden with be hit and engulfed by them or he could travel to the ground avoiding them completely. But then Gengaku yells "Earth Release: Grand Pillars!!!!!!!", forming the hand seals necessary. The very ground beneath them has a vast number of pillars rise up being made of nothing but pure earth. The very ground looking different, now has the appearance of a large forest, ut instead of trees its earth pillars.

What Gengaku didn't realize is that the temperature was below -120 degrees because of the temperature of the Ice Releaes, and the wind, when he released his bugs, they simply froze and fell to the ground. And with temperatures below -120 degrees, even the bugs inside Gengaku start to freeze. So as the bugs die, Gengaku's temperature decreases, eventually the cold climate effects him, freezing is eyes, as he would breath in air, it would be cold, causing the mucus in his nostrils and into his respiratory system to freeze, making it to where it was hard to breathe. Then eventually, Gengaku's blood starts to freeze very rapidly, because blood freezes at 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but the temperature now was 3 times colder, making his blood freeze 3 times quicker. His blood would clog up, and eventually completely freeze, causing no blood to reach any part of his body, Basically he would die from the inside.

With Gengaku's increased body heat he was able to survive the cold air for just a wild longer. He quickly using his new flight jutsu leaves the affected area to a part that was not affected by the jutsu Raiden had used.

Raiden then takes out his retractable scythe and touches a side of the blade and funnels his chakra into the blade, then he flies towards Gengaku.

Gengaku merely stays afloat, watching as his enemy comes soaring through the air. The rain still pouring from the skies, making this battle seem dark and gloomy. "This shinobi, he is not on the same level i dont have to worry about underestimating him anymore. Ive seen his skills and how he fights, its time i end this little battle of ours" he thinks to himself. He then places his palms faced out wards as his insects begin to swarm out from his body, spreading across preparing for a battle.

Raiden gets with in 5 feet of Gengaku then throws in scythe at Gengaku horozantially, Raiden's scythe was chakra infused, so the bugs would get cut before they would be able to suck the chakra from it. Then he also uses Wind Release Stream to increase the speed of it hoping to hit Gengaku.

The bugs swarm around so much that Gengaku is hardly visible. The chakra slashes through the dark cloud of bugs seemingly cutting it and Gengaku in two. The as the dead body falls out of the sky it is shown to be two piles of mud. As raiden is now open to an attack the insects swarm over him covering him in a dark cloud to hard to see out of, as they begin to cover his body trying to make him immobile.

Raiden activates his Wind Defense before the bugs swarm him. Raiden then descends to the ground where he throws smoke bombs to disorientate the bugs, then he gets behind a tree where he sits down, "I'm running low on chakra, but he should be too, he is hiding most likely." Raiden says as he stands up and looks around.

Though unknown to Raiden, Gengaku is still nearly at one hundred percent chakra as he has barely used any jutsu. Gengaku on the other side of the tree uses an incredibly powerful kick which is enough to slice the tree in two and if it impacts Raiden will send him flying.

Raiden gets kicked and cracks a few ribs, but he stands up and faces Gengaku and gets into a taijutsu stance.

Gengaku slowly walks to the shinobi watching as he prepares him self for close range combat. Gengaku to gets into a fighting stance, placing his feet firmly in the ground and having both hands palms open in the air. The rain falls in between the two as they have a stare down.
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Naruto Kurama Bijuu Mode Theme

"You need to realize you never had even a slightest chance of killing me. You shinboi of the Five Great Nations always think that you will be able to best the challenges in front of you, well today i here to break your confidence." he tells Raiden. Gengaku starts off after him, throwing a swift kick to his right leg, and preparing for a punch to his face if dodged or blocked.

Raiden checks the kick, then using the kick to his advantage, Raiden lifts is leg up, making Gengaku go off balance because Gengaku's leg would go up, if he doesn't do anything, he will have trouble having kids. Even though Gengaku is the bigger and stronger man, the leverage of the position could flip any man over.

as he is being lifted into the air he finds his opportunity, "Ninja have to see through deception" he says. As Gengakus insects come out from under a rock in the ground they swarm over Raiden, who is to busy to dodge moving Gengaku in the air. He then prepares to use an axe kick with his other leg is Raiden stops trying to flip him in order to stop the bugs. He is stuck between two types of attack and only has an instant to decided what to do.

Raiden uses Wind Release Stream to blow him and Gengaku back and himself back, narrowly avoiding the bug. Raiden then uses his Wind Control: Flight Technique and high tails it away from Gengaku. "I'm low on chakra, but I should have enough to maybe get away." Raiden thinks.

Gengaku was thrown back several meters from the wind current slamming into the ground like someone skipping a stone across water. He opens his eyes to see Raiden flying away "Like a snake evading the hawk" he says aloud to himself as he to begins to fly. He heads at full speed in Raidens directions not going to let him escape.

Naruto - Kokuten - Extended06:04

Naruto - Kokuten - Extended

Raidens escape

Raiden then takes out a pocket full of Explosive tags and then lets them all go. Since Gengaku was going full speed it would be hard to avoid the tags, Raiden then explodes them.

The bugs that werent able to capture Raiden instead are thrown to the explosive tags taking up the blast, while Gengaku passes through the smoke still chasing Raiden. "How much chakra do you have left, im sure you don't have enough to sustain yourself in the skies that much longer" he yells while flying.

Raiden looks back and sees that Gengaku is coming in at full speed, Raiden then thinks about his friends back at Kumo, with his chakra running low, his speed decreases. Gengaku was now 15 feet away.

Gengaku speed now faster then Raiden catches up then does the unthinkable, passes him up and continues past him.

Raiden looks dumb founded at what he did, but he just cuts to the left and flies away from Gengaku.

He seemingly lost Raiden as he continued forward in his direction. Raiden has gone atleast a minute without Gengaku there, but before his very eyes Gengaku had appeared 30 meters in front of Raiden just floating there. How did he know where Raiden was?

Raiden stops, and looks at Gengaku, Raiden then says, "Why do you want so much power?"

"Having power makes me special, but i guess the real reason is so nobody can ever overpower me again". he says he then begins to float closer towards Raiden with a now evil look in his eyes.

"Hmm, having power doesn't make you special, it makes you a target, and what do you mean over power you again?" Raiden says as he floats down to the ground and sits down.

An Unexpected Alliance Edit

Gengaku travels down to where Raiden is "So i'm a target who cares, power is the reason i beat you today" he says. "Now i will make you into a message to show the villages that i'm not to be trifled with. "I'm going to tear off your head and give it to them, while the rest of your body will be torn to pieces and given to the homeless people of this country to eat off of."He walks closer to Raiden, "see shinobi where is your precious village now, Nowhere because your just a pawn you have no power and their is nothing special about you".

Out of now where, from the side of Gengaku, about 50 shuriken come out. Each shuriken aiming for Gengaku. Then, as Nobu Sarutobi puts out his cigarette, prepares to use another technique at a moments notice. "Hmm, so this is the ninja that steal's hidens?" as he remembers his mission briefing.

Gengaku turns over to see a barrage of Shuriken flying towards him angered by the sudden interruption gathers chakra into his hand slamming it into the ground sending debris everywhere and creating a shock wave that nullified all the shuriken as well as knocking back Raiden if he didnt try and escape. The results of the chakra infused hit, sent dust from thee ground covering Gengaku making him not visible.

Raiden then rolls out of the way of the punch, he gets to this tree where he sits there and thinks about how lucky he got. He then sits there and regains his chakra.

Nobu sees Raiden roll out. Nobu looks into the fog and sees no sign of Gengaku. He jumps back, not wanting to be caught off guard. Nobu quickly pulls out a Kunai and runs his Wind chakra through it, extending it's range. Nobu then waits for any sign of Gengaku.

A Kunai gengaku had took from Raiden earlier flies out of the dust cloud straight for Nobu's head while gengaku quickly leaves the cloud headed for Raiden.

Naruto Shippuuden OST 25 Kenkonitteki02:19

Naruto Shippuuden OST 25 Kenkonitteki

As the true battle starts

Nobu quickly blocks the Kunai with his, cutting Gengaku's kunai in half. He then throws another shuriken, putting his chakra into it so he could control its movements. As he throws the shuriken, he makes it into mutiple more , able to control all of them.

Gengaku noticing the shruiken, continues running, then at the last minute stops, waiting for all the shuriken to come and strike him.

At this time, Raiden was about 50 feet away from the 2 fighting just regaining his chakra, at this moment, his levels were at about 15-18%.

As Nobu sees Gengaku stop, he instantly stops the 15 shuriken in front of him. Right after, Nobu made each shuriken take their own spot, surrounding Gengaku. He waits for Gengaku to move a single muscle, as soon as he would, all the shuriken would pierce his body with deep wounds.

"Your fighting style is different then the others, i see you can control weapons possibly with a kekkei genkai. Hmm that makes you not important to me as i cannot replicate your abilities" he says. His body then begins to disperse into hundreds of pieces of paper. "I need a new method of fighting a target like you, and i think i have the perfect jutsu for that" he says as his body completely fall apart into the sheets of paper which now floats through out the battle field.

Right as Nobu saw Gengaku start turning into paper, he made all the shuriken draw onto him. Nobu made them all go into a different angle so that non would collide with each other. Since they were all surrounding Gengaku, some were bound to hit cut him, allowing Nobu's shuriken to freely follow Gengaku with one of his ninjutsus.

Though all the shuriken did was cut only a small bit of paper, with hundreds more still flowing over the battle field. Gengakus body was no more as he was now the very paper the floated.

"This dude, I wonder who was that, that miraculously came to my help, I got really lucky." Raiden then looks at the situation and sees the paper, thinking to himself that, that was Gengaku, while the other person was a leaf shinobi.

Nobu had a small flachback from his mission briefing, "This rouge ninja knows many hidens that we may not quite know about, be on your guard" the Hokage had told Nobu. Grunting to himself, Nobu jumped back as he pulled out another Kunai and ran it with his Wind chakra as he did with the other one. He then gets on his guard and looks around for any paper. "I have only heard about this once." Nobu thought to himself.

Paper comes together a few feet away from Nobu, it begins to form just the top half of Gengaku minus the legs. His paper like body floats in the air, "Thank you my dear Lady Angel for this gift" he says out loud to himself. He looks at Nobu,"So Leaf Shinobi whats your next move".

Nobu stared into Gengaku's eyes blankly, not showing any emotion. "I've heard about that technique before, I thought only one person ever knew it." He than realizes sometime, still showing no emotion. "Then again, I was told that you steal hidens." Nobu pointed out. He than made the 5 shuriken, as he dropped some to conserve chakra, come up behind Gengaku. Nobu started to speak again, "It would be interesting to know how you do this but, you would never tell me. Therefore, I have no use for you." He than made the five shuriken strike into Gengaku's back, since they where about a few centimeters away from his upper back at this point.

The shuriken simply go through him tearing holes in his paper like body, and at the speed their going travel towards Nobu who might not have enough time to stop them. "Did you really think that would work" he says.

Since Nobu was concentrating on the shuriken, he just made them go to the side, dropping them in a certain location that he remembered so he could use them for later use. "No, not really, but I had to try something correct?" he asked Gengaku.

"Tell me leaf shinobi what drives you to try and capture me, what is it about me that is so important that you would risk your life for the sake of the village". "I believe in loyalty but what you shinobi show is not loyalty but complete obedience and loss of will".

Nobu let out a small giggle. "To be honest, I don't care if you live or not. But, the village had claimed you as a threat, and there are people in the village that I care about with all my heart and would die for them." He then pulls out a cigarette and lights it. He them gestures for him to take one out of the pack.

Gengaku ignores his gesture, giving him a weird stare "Family, family is just something that holds you back, I had a family once, before i was a man." "Now there all dead and it was the most influncial thing that's happened to me. Im relieved from the burden of having to protect them." he then stares down Nobu straight in his eyes "You haven't answered my question, why would you risk your life for the village".

Nobu puts the pack away and grabs hit kunai up. He looked back into Gengaku's eyes. "I have answered your question. I care about one person in my life. And he is on the brink of death. Maybe I should just quite." Nobu then thinks it over. "Maybe I should just follow my dream of becoming a Shinobi that learns as much techniques as he can." Nocu get up and withdraws his kunai, still being on alert. "I don't like killing, I hate it, and I still do it." He stays quite for a few seconds. "Sadly, that will never happen." he said somewhat quietly.
Naruto Shippuden- Himonji02:35

Naruto Shippuden- Himonji

The Fina Battle

He merely looks at him seeing the doubt in his face "You have made a serious mistake, it doesn't matter which path you take in life your very existence is meaningless. If your willing to give up on your family that's the first part, you must find a new cause and become truly loyal to it." he shows a sign of respect for the shinobi "That... that would be the wise thing to do, However" his voice and overall appearance begins to seem more aggressive."You should not have challenged me or my ways because of that your meaningless life will end with no hope OF EVER BECOMING TRULY SPECIAL!!!!!" he yells. He slams he hands together performing the snake hand seal, he bypasses all the other hand seals needed for his jutsu. The very ground beneath them all begins to shift into a multitude of earth pillars rising from the ground changing the very battle field they lay on.

The entire area has now shifted into a forest of earth like pillars with the tips of each liked jagged swords. The paper from Gengaku's body also resides in the area covering the field. "Now..... Now you must prove yourself to me, kill me now and show me that you are truly special, Or die and let my words become true that your worth no more then an insect COME!!!!!!". he utters preparing for battle.

"I should just leave with my life and, come back another day, but that leaf shinobi will surely die. Or I could fight, and possibly still die, he just used that earth technique, so his chakra is running down. Maybe I should just leave, but what will Kumo think of me, A COWARD who wanted to save his own ass and let someone else die in his place, or a shinobi, who died for his country. But, I'm low on chakra, what can I do??" The things that run throughout his mind, then he sees something.

As Raiden listens to the words Gengaku is saying, he is preparing, then as a few minutes pass by he starts to head towards the battle with something. As soon as Gengaku says Come, a small wave of water comes in over Gengaku splashing down on him.

As the water drops down over head, Gengaku's body splits again into several pieces of paper dodging the crashing water. His right arm reforms in front of Raiden, and tries to grip his throat.

Raiden does a back flip out of the arm a few feet away, Raiden then put his hand in his back pocket to check his tools, he has 5 more paper bombs, 6 more kunai, and 15 shuriken. "Ok, I really don't want to use chakra, I want to make these tools count." Raiden thinks. He then waits on an attack.

Gengaku then forms his other hand, two appendages floating in the air without a body being made of pure paper, while Gengaku's upper body forms in front of Nobu albeit without legs or arms. "No shinobi, from kumogakure i have not forgotten about you, not even for a moment. My interest had swayed to this man for a moment, but ive known where you were at this whole time. From the very beginning ive had a trace on you. when we fought in the sky i placed my hand on you for a second, this had two purposes one to place my jutsu on you, and the second to let one of my insects on you. Now this insect is different from the rest, because its a female it gives off a distinct pheromone which the males within me can sense. Ive never lost track of you, i gained this little trick from an aburama i "met"" he says. His arms then perform a weird seal "Mind Body Disturbance Technique" he says, as he launches his mental based jutsu at Raiden who is in range and cannot see it to dodge.

Raiden is caught into the technique, and is at the mercy of Gengaku.

"Things are about to get interesting" gengaku says as he floats away from Nobu and has he full body reform deactivating the Dance of the Shikigami in order to conserve more chakra. Raiden then jumps infront of Gengaku and faces Nobu with no control over his own actions. Then to better control Raiden he places chakra threads on Raiden to improve his combat performance. "Now two shinobi with similar goals face off, this is your final test leaf shinobi prove your special by killing this man who you once acknowledged as an ally".

The Final Test Edit

Nobu grinned a slight, thinking "He thought I would leave my village?" "Well your wrong!" Nobu shouted out-loud. He than pulled out four Kunai and ran Wind Chakra through them again, increasing their reach. Nobu than created a barrier around him, lifting two of the four Kunai up. "This should be a good defense and I can control anything magnetic within it." he thinks to himself.

"On the outside you seem able to do what must be done, though on the inside are you truly able to make yourself kill your village ally" Gengaku says as he controls Raidens body to reach inside of his weapons pouch.

Nobu slowly gets into a battle stance, waiting for Raiden to make a move. "Hey, you need to get out of this, if you don't I will kill you." Nobu tried to speak into Raiden's mind. Nobu than thinks to himself quickly, "Wait, if I cut any of them, my shuriken and kunai will follow them. That's all I have to do then" He focuses on Raiden and Gengaku, waiting for a single muscle movement.

Raiden then suddenly throws all of his shuriken towards Nobu, while Gengaku just watches and controls raidens actions.

Nobu let all the shuriken get close to him. As soon as the shuriken got close enough, they all started to circle around him. He than grind ever so slightly. Nobu started to run up to Raiden, aiming all of his shuriken and Kunai at his heart.

Gengaku uses all of Raidens last chakra reserves to use his own jutsu again Nobu, Raiden performs Ice Release: Wind Control: Cool Breeze which engulfed the area is a wind so cold it beings to freeze everything caught in it. This makes Raiden fall to the ground, as Gengaku leaps out of the area avoiding the attack.

When Nobu saw that the cold breeze was freezing everything, Nobu dropped all of his Kunai and Shuriken as they would be useless in this case. He than used the blaze form of his Hidden Technique: Full Body Armour to increase his speed and to keep him warm. Due to the increased speed, Nobu was easily able to dodge the cool breeze and showed up behind Raiden as he laied on the ground. Nobu took a Kunai out, throwing it into Raiden's skull, piercing the brain. The wound would of instantly killed on impact, and would no longer bother Nobu. Right after, he ran a good distance away from the battle site. He then deactivated his Armour to conserve chakra. He then created the same set up as before, with the four Kunai with Nobu's Wind chakra running through them. At this point, he had about 84% of his chakra due to him pushing it with the Armour.

Catching Nobu by surprise was Raidens dead corpse jumping at him from behind Nobus blind spot because Gengaku was still able to move it with his chakra threads, and sets the rest of his explosive tags detonating them at point blank.

Since Nobu was looking around, he was lucky enough to see Raidens body in the corner of his eye. Out of pure reaction, Nobu activated his Armour again to get extra speed. But since Nobu was so close to the body, the blast still knocked him away. With the help of his kunai in his hands, Nobu stabbed the earth to stop. As soon as he did Nobu started to run away from the battle field with his new speed from the armour. "I need to get away and think of a new plan" he thinks to himself as he is already a very good distance from the battlefield. As he runs. he examines his wounds. He has some damage on his arms and chest but, they aren't nothing that would kill him.

Naruto Akatsuki Theme song FULL02:03

Naruto Akatsuki Theme song FULL

A new world

Gengaku stays high up in the air using the same jutsu he stole from Raiden. "Now shinobi you flee, you were able to kill him your ally but now your reject your ability to be special by running instead of killing me. You are right back to were you began and now i give you no more chances" he says with disappointment in his voice as he follows Nobu from the skies. "The era of the five great nations will fall and Amegakure will take the lead and show the world what a true shinobi is meant to be" he says aloud.

Nobu smirked. He created two shadow clones that also had the Armour around them. Each of them makes the same, weird , hand sign. They all then start to push themselves in the air using the wind half of their armour. They start to get around Gengaku and one shoots themselves towards Gengaku, holding their hand out.

Gengaku dodges his hand and open palms his stomach destroying the clone in the process. "Is this what you been reduced to, using clones your an even bigger disgrace then i thought" he says.

As Gengaku was destroying the clone, the other one used the winds side of the armour to stretch out his attack, hitting Gengaku in the back of the head, making it much harder to noticed the attack, as it was also at close range.

Gengaku not taking his eyes of the enemies flips in the air dodging whatever it was the clone used when he waved his hand. As he still controls the ground from his earlier jutsu has a spiked pillar launch at a high speed up into the air straight into the clone destroying it as well.

The original used the four Kunai with his wind chakra to completely destroy the pillar that was coming up. As Gengaku was flipping, the clone did the same tactic to stretch out an attack to hit Gengaku in the back. It made it extremely hard to dodge since he was in the middle of flipping.

Gengaku simply shifts his body to the right dodging the attack. "Well this is going to cost me nearly all of my chakra that's left but its worth it" he says , his body again retracts into a multitude of paper. Several of the paper are sent flying towards the clone like shuriken slicing him into smoke. While some of the other paper is sent in a similar fashion towards Nobu who is to preoccupied to save the clone.

Since Nobu's technique allows him to sense things within a barrier, his clone and the original were able to push each other out of the way. They both landed on the ground, waiting to see wgat Gengaku does.

Gengaku turns back into his normal form now on the ground waiting for Nobu's final assault.

Nobu created 3 more shadow clones, all having the Armour. The new clones then make the same weird hand sign as the old ones did before. The original Nobu drops his Kunai's, remembering where they were to preserver chakra but, he keeps on in his hand. They all then spread out. Nobu and his clones all sprint at Gengaku at once. "This will be the end of you!" all the clones shouted at once.

Gengaku stays still as if to see what the shinobi have in store for him, maybe having something up his sleeve.

All the clones start to go a little wild, allowing the original to give the kunai to another clone. The original then sneaks out of the way from battle. The clones and original go only to their wind part of their armour, conserving chakra. They then throw the extended punched at Gengaku, with immense speed. They just don't throw one, but about three or four in all different angles so there would be no blind spots that the punches would miss. Gengaku is now surrounded with the air forced punches at a close range.

Gengaku uses his full might to strike the ground making a Small crater which he ducks in to allowing all the wind strikes to pass over. He then speeds over grabbing a clone by the head, while digging into the pouch pulling out a shuriken throwing across killing another clones. Then uses his strength to crush the clone to death before any of them had the chance to touch him. He walks closer to the final clone "So is this how you foresaw your death, Being a coward and using clones to survive" he says with ridicule in his voice.

When Gengaku went over and grabbed the first clones head, the clone naturally tried to fight back. The clone had touched Gengaku's arm, placing a Fuinjutsu that Nobu had been preparing a long time. As soon as the original saw that, he quickly found Gengaku's magnetic charge by using the technique to find out. After the one minuet recharge, the second clone had died from the shuriken only leaving three left. The third one dodged the shuriken as he was paying attention. Nobu then jumped back onto the battlefield giving a high whistle, signaling what magnetic charge to the two other clones, since Nobu had thought of the plan before he made the clones.

The original and the two clones used their Wind Armour to get into a triangle formation around Gengaku about 6 feet away from Gengaku. They instantly deactivated their Armour to preserve chakra for their final technique. As soon as they did all that, they made their weird looking hand seal once again. Without giving Gengaku any time to react whatsoever, they all pulled Gengaku with a magnetic attraction in all three ways. Each of them used up nearly all of their chakra, leaving them just enough to survive, to greatly pull his body tearing muscle by muscle for a split second. After that split second, the force was so great that it would of ripped Gengaku's body part by part, limb by limb, not letting this twisted Rouge ever live again.

Gengaku though like most shinobi always had something up his sleeve, that shuriken he threw that the clone dodged had a single chakra thread attached to it before it was thrown costing 2% of his chakra. The clone had not noticed it thus was not expecting it, as he dodged the shuriken for a fraction of a second, the chakra thread detached and landed on the clones back unnoticed by it. As he is being pulled apart, quickly send a small pulse of chakra through the thread which seemingly disrupted the the small point on the clone that the thread was attached to, popping it like a balloon as its chakra destabilizes. Then now not being pulled from one side has access to his left hand, pulls out kunai he had also taken from the clones pouch, throwing it to the center of another clones chest who does not have enough time to drop the jutsu and evade so takes it into the chest destroying it. Now being pulled by the real nobu, gengaku travels in its direction preparing to strike.

The clone saw the Kunai aiming for his chest. Since he saw it coming, he simply jumped to the side. Due to that, that clones pull was disrupted for a second. As Gengaku started to fly to the original one. But, the clone quickly started the technique up again, as Gengaku was a little more than 4 feet away from the original, Gengaku's body ripped in half from the extreme force that he experienced from both sides.

As the very moment before the clone regained control over the jutsu, Gengaku facing the original who is focused on the technique and not being disrupted from the jutsu. Gengaku used his final jutsu, Mind Body Disturbance Technique on him which will hit instantly at the same moment the jutsu came into effect. Even if he tries to disable the jutsu so he can move he wouldn't have enough time to move, and the clone has just redone the jutsu so he cant go and help him. The jutsu took effect thereby canceling and disrupting the original's jutsu before it pulls Gengaku apart.

Landing on his feet, Gengaku enraged see's a motionless Nobu who is incapable of movement, he uses his control over him to deactivate his last clone. Then begins to attack, striking him in multiple locations throughout his body cracking ribs and severing arteries. Poor nobu is defenseless from the oncoming assault. Gengaku kicks him in the stomach sending him into a tree then grips him by the throat lifting him into the air. "So leaf shinobi, looks like we both know whose life has more meaning." he says with bloodlust in his voice, then suddenly drops Nobu from his grip. Gengaku quickly looks in the direction of his villages "No NO not now not again" he says aloud takes off leaving Nobu to his own fate, near death.

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