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Resonating Echo Drill
320px-Sound Drill
Name Resonating Echo Drill
Kanji 響鳴穿
Literal English Resonating Echo Drill
Other Name(s) Vibrating Sound Drill
Rank C-rank
Range Short range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu,
User(s) Noboru

This technique can be used as a blanket term for the majority of Dosu's techniques. The porous metal device located on his arm is used to amplify the sound waves from arm movements to attack his opponent. By generating enough sound, Dosu can use his chakra to redirect the waves in mid-air to his intended target. By damaging the victim's inner ear, the victim is rendered off-balance and nauseous. In the first instance of this, Rock Lee is rendered physically sick by the attack. By sending the sound-waves through a solid object, this technique can be used to destroy it. Dosu used this to destroy a large tree trunk used by Sakura Haruno in a trap, destroying it on contact. As seen in Dosu's fight with Chōji Akimichi, the sound drill can also be directed through water weight with similar effect. Therefore the greater fat index an opponent has, the more they are affected by this; Chōji, using his Multi-Size Technique at the time, was instantly defeated.

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