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Rekai Clan Symbol
Name Rekai
Members Kamon Rekai
Kekkei Genkai Full Release

The Rekai clan resides in the Land of Wind and Land of Stone. They are known for there Kekkei Genkai, and weird weapons. The Rekai Clan were around during the Warning States Period where they fought many times with multiple clans. The Rekai clan was thought to be whipped out by orders from the 2nd Tsuchikage and 2nd Kazekage, but a few members of the clan members spread out. They came back together in Amegakure during around the time of the 3rd Shinobi War. They were in a very bad place so they moved to the land of lightning and stayed their until a new village was established by the Hoshima Clan.

The clan picks a man and woman to be the leader of their clan, the women of the clan don't have as much chakra as the men, but most of them are born with the ability to absorb chakra, and very, very few men are able to absorb chakra. And that's how they balance the power of leadership. Also, the people of the clan love to fight, its like they strive on fighting. Which gives them fighting experience, and they are crazy, when they see their blood, that gives them even more motivation and adrenaline to fight.

Also they have fought with multiple people in Jugo's clan. They Rekai clan has called it the battle of the crazies, multiple people from each side of clan were killed and was known as one of the bloodiest battles between clans.

The clan also has very weird weapons, they are based off similar samurai weapons samurai used back then.


The clan has the Kekkei genkai Full Release. Each clan member are usually born with a lot of chakra, and as they progress in age their chakra gets larger and larger until the point where they are chakra beast. Also most of the women are able to absorb chakra, they are born with Full Release, but they don't have as much chakra as the men, and very few men are able to absorb chakra. Also the clan members have very good reflexes, they need to have very good reflexes in order to move as fast as they do.

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