Rei Uchiha
Name Raian (Rei) Uchiha
Kanji 頼杏
Personal Status
Birthdate N/A
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5.7
Weight 136
Blood Type O-
Hometown Small village near the hidden leaf village
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Clan Uchiha
Occupation Wandering ninja
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Family Missing
Kekkei Genkai mangekyou sharingan
Tailed Beasts None
Hiden Techniques Susanoo
Nature Type
Nature Icon Void Void Void Release
Fire Release Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Yin Release Yin Release
Yin–Yang Release Yin Yang release
Yanggg Yang Release
Nature Icon Void Void Transaction
Nature Icon Void Void Replication
Nature Icon Void Void style twin armageddon
Nature Icon Void Void weaving
Fire Release Fire Style Twin Fireball Jutsu
Fire Release Fire style Phoniex Fire jutsu
Fire Release Fire style Great Fireball Jutsu
Fire Release Fire Style Flame control
Fire Release Fire style Susanoo Grand Fireball
Fire Release Fire Style Fireball Jutsu
Fire Release Fire style Great Fire annihalation
Weapons Short Blade, 30 shuriken 20: Kunai


Do to being born with void chakra (considered a forbidden chakra) and being an uchiha Rei was always an outcast amongst his small village (His village was not in the main kohna area) He grew quickly and swiftly showing specialties in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu he was a really skilled student, Not as skilled as itachi or other prodigies uchiha per say but extremely skilled, he always was kind of left out, not like he wanted to be with the others anyway. He spent most of his time alone in the woods practicing perfecting his techniques, He gained his sharingan on the day he returned to his village to find EVERYONE Missing, not a trace of person left it's like they all vanished from sight, or were they ever their at all. That is hard to say… So he left and ventured out, making deals with any other remaining uchiha he could find trying to find his purpose in the world, he worked in the shadows talking to ninja assassins in such but never clearly making himself known


Aggressive, but will tend to think things through unless in blind rage, He tends to remain collected even in the worst of situations but the mask will occasionally fail, revealing a much more fitting personality to his young age He just wants to know what has happened to his village and his family.


A young looking kid with longer than average (but not overly long) White hair

Has Red brown eyes that change to fully red when sharingan is activated Mangekyo sharingan looks like a  upside down triangle with a maze of lines all leading to the center of the pupil with three lines pointing outwards on the outside of it

Wears blade on bac, and a black shirt wearing battle armor over this said shirt the battle armor having the uchiha symbol on the back, black pants with leather shin guards and cloth wrapped around the legs and standard shinobi shoes


Uchiha Techniques: Amaterasu Mangekyou sharingan Incomplete susanoo

(Susanoo looks like a harlequin its weapon is a club) Uchiha mastery level genjutsu being able to create seamless worlds like itachi and Shisui

His Speciality is genjustu making illusions seem very very realistic with ease, though those with sharingan or high levels of genjustu can see through this.

His next greatest talent is Ninjustu, allowing him to quickly use techniques faster then most this comes in handy during combat situations

His stamina is, well not one of his strongest talents, being still young he never really did that much endurance training, however even with his low stamina he can deal serious damage in a short amount of times or use his illusions to handle targets without having to expunge to much of it.

He has major chakra reserves as is required for his unique jutsus, This allows him to use many jutsus in short spans without getting tired from chakra exhaust, he has Above average chakra control allowing him to climb walls and walk on water with ease, along with other chakra control required techniques,

His Bukijustu/Taijustu is one of his lower points aswell, While he is able to hold is own against Jounin level ninja in hand to hand combat due to his low stamnia he preffers not to, He is average with his shortblade, and a little above average with his kunai and shuriken, Though this dose not stop him from being a lethal opponent.

Trivia *First Naruto Oc/Rp character I've ever put on the internet

*First time using a wiki format for these things so y'know pretty neat

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