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Ranged Fire Sabre Technique
Name Ranged Fire Sabre Technique
Rank B+
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Fire Release
Parent jutsu Ranged Samurai Sabre Technique, Fire Sabre Technique
User(s) Shun Mizuakari

Ranged Fire Sabre Technique is a Fire Release technique which can also pass off as one of the Samurai Arts.  It was created by Shun Mizuakari after he witnessed the usage of the technique Ranged Samurai Sabre Technique used by his brother, Hoheto Mizuakari.  Although Shun Mizuakari usually sucks with using the Samurai Arts, his other brother, Fukanouji Mizuakari, helped him utilize the Samurai Arts, along with his Fire Release Chakra, in order to create this technique.  This technique is one of the two expansions to the Fire Sabre Technique, along with the Full Body Fire Sabre Technique; however, this technique and the Full Body Fire Sabre Technique don't appear to have any expansion-like connection to each other, other than sharing similar principles of how to perform them. 


This technique is similar to the Ranged Samurai Sabre Technique, except Shun Mizuakari utilizes fire to create the blades instead of his raw Chakra.  When he fires the blades at his enemies, not only will they cut them up, but they'll also burst into flames and start spreading rapidly.  If it's used after Shun Mizuakari uses the Full Body Fire Sabre Technique then this technique will be even stronger yet; however, this is not a requirement to use this technique. 

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