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Shoyo AburameEdit

  • (To Shana Uzumaki) "To save someone means not to save someone else." 
  • (To Hiruzen Sarutobi) "Knights cannot save the world.  They call certain methods of fighting good and others evil, acting as if there were some nobility to the battlefield.  Such illusions, perpetrated by heroes throughout history has continued to lead countless young men and women to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this ridiculous, so called valor and glory." 
  • (To Minato Namikaze and Hiruzen Sarutobi) "Heh.  There you go, Minato.  Our good friend here, the third Hokage, believes that the battlefield is a place better than hell.   Don't make me laugh!  It's hell itself.  There's no hope on the battlefield.  It has nothing but unspeakable despair.  The crime we call victory, paid for by the pain of the defeated.  Yet humanity has never realized this truth.  And it is for that reason that, in every era, a dazzling hero has blinded people with their legends, and prevented them from seeing the evil of bloodshed.  The true nature of humanity hasn't advanced one step beyond the Stone Age. 
  • (To Hiruzen Sarutobi ) "Of course not.  I would never allow personal feelings like that to interfere with my work.  I will save the world.  I am simply waging that battle using the most appropriate methods at my disposal.  Righteousness cannot save the world.  I care nothing for it.  I will end this ceaseless cycle.  I will do anything I have to.  I will make sure that the blood I spill here is the last blood that humanity will ever have to shed.  Even if it means staining my hands with every evil in the world, I don't care.  If it will save the world, I'll do it gladly. 
  • (To Shana Uzumaki) "When going out of your way to fight monsters, one should make sure that they do not become a monster themselves.  However, when looking long into the abyss, the abyss has a tendacy to look long back, as well." 

Kisekiteki HyugaEdit

Shikyo FushiawaseEdit

  • (To a group of random enemies) "Back away...engaging me in battle is the equivilent of suicide. 

Kokuhyo NaraEdit

Sairo YamanakaEdit

Satoshi InuzukaEdit

Setsuna AkimichiEdit

Aoba WataseEdit

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