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Pulse Storm
Name Pulse Storm
Kanji 脈嵐
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu,Nintaijutsu, Taijutsu, Fighting Style
Chakra Nature Wind Release
Parent jutsu Wind God's Step
User(s) Ryūken Senju

Pulse Storm is a special wind based ninjutsu developed by Ryūken Senju by further improving his god step. Thanks to this technique, he was able to wipe out an entire platoon of highly skilled and trained shinobi's within a fraction of seconds. Pulse Storm, like it's name is unpredictable and threatening. While using this, he can not only travel around unseen in the air, and gain intangibility but also he moves with such great speed that it allows for movement at great speed, leaving at least ten tangible after-image behind. By combining, this simultaneously with the wind surrounding his immediate environment, he fights by surrounding his back and arms with pressurized winds. This allows him to immediately neutralize his target(s) movements. The winds surrounding him while using this technique are considerably strong, as seen they were able to bring about a huge damage to the surrounding area. Ryūken, at any given moment will change this pressurized winds in a form of a compressed whirlpool of wind, allowing him to keep it active indefinitely while fighting. He can use the technique to a greater degree later on, using it to block a devastating attack and dissipate it, and block a blade attack as well as push it back with only his bare hand, using the energy of the technique as a defensive shield. He has shown that he can focus the technique's pressurized winds onto specific areas of her body, making the protection exceedingly more concentrated. He can further use the winds to extend the duration he is able to use this technique. This also enables him to use the wind to engulf his target and blast the opponent away.


  • A pulse storm is a single cell thunderstorm that is usually not very strong; when it is of substantial intensity, it only produces severe weather for short periods of time. Such a storm weakens and then generates another short burst -- hence "pulse." Pulse storms ordinarily form in environments with low wind shear and moderate instability, with the low wind shear contributing a short average lifespan of less than an hour. Severe weather in a pulse storm will most often occur during a momentarily forceful updraft, taking the form of hail or particularly damaging winds brought about by downbursts. Rarely, a weak tornado develops in association with a pulse storm.

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