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Pseudo Jinchuriki Curse Mark
Name Pseudo Jinchuriki Curse Mark
Rank S
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Fuinjutsu & Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin Release
Parent jutsu Coming soon
Derived jutsu None
Creator Hiraku
User(s) Hiraku


The Pseudo Jinchuriki Curse Mark is a curse seal that places the face of an Oni onto the victim and acts as the container for Tailed Beast chakra, turning them into a Pseudo Jinchuriki. The most efficient way of doing this is to already have the Tailed Beast chakra and release it into the person while creating the mark so that it's present already when the curse mark is formed similarly to how Orochimaru creates his curse marks however, this is extremely difficult and requires extreme chakra control. The next best method is to create the curse mark then flow the Tailed Beast chakra into the mark from your own body. The original method however was far more difficult as Hiraku would create the curse mark and then inject the person in the location of the curse mark with the Tailed Beast chakra using a syringe. Through this method, many potential Pseudo Jinchuriki were lost as the majority of them were overtaken by the chakra and went into a rampage rather than being protected from that by the seal. Unlike Orochimaru's technique however, if done properly, the Pseudo Jinchuriki has a sixty to seventy five percent chance of surviving the process and the chakra is held back by the bearer's willpower instead of being invoked every time the person uses a lot of chakra or certain techniques such as the Sharingan. The curse mark is also built to allow the bearer to tap into that chakra at any time, giving them various Jinchuriki powers and physical enhancement depending on how much of that chakra they allow into their body. When released into the bearer's body, the chakra quickly starts devouring and converting the bearer's own chakra into Tailed Beast chakra as it has the intention of completely taking over the bearer unless the bearer has the willpower to prevent that and can be forced back into the curse mark when the bearer no longer needs it. Should it succeed in devouring and converting all of the bearer's chakra, then they will transform into stage two and cannot be reverted without the help of the mark placer as they are able to seal the chakra back up though it must be done at a moderate pace to allow the body to receive more of it's normal chakra otherwise the bearer will die upon the depletion of all chakra from their network. Additionally, the curse mark bearer can feed their chakra to the curse mark in order to grow the amount of Tailed Beast chakra within so that they never run out when they need it.

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