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Pseudo Jinchuriki Curse Mark
Name Pseudo Jinchuriki Curse Mark
Rank S
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Fuinjutsu & Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin Release
Parent jutsu Coming soon
Derived jutsu None
User(s) Hiraku


The Pseudo Jinchuriki Curse Mark is a forbidden technique that leaves a small blood red circle outlined by black on a person which as the name suggests, turns them into a pseudo Jinchuriki. This is done by injecting the person with the chakra of a Tailed Beast that also has at least a small portion of the caster's chakra as well then using a long series of hand seals in quick succession to manipulate the Tailed Beast chakra into creating the seal. But because Tailed Beast chakra carries the will and hatred of the Tailed Beast that it came from, manipulating it is extremely difficult, even for most masters of fūinjutsu. Once placed on the person, the seal will absorb small amounts of their chakra when it isn't being used and when it's not low so as not to draw attention to itself and transforming it into the chakra of the Tailed Beast to create a reserve of it's chakra. Although Hiraku has managed to make several pseudo Jinchuriki successfully with this technique, most of them have gone insane after using the Tailed Beast chakra several times and a few have gone insane after the first use, sending them on out of control rampages, forcing him to put most of them out of their misery. 

After losing many of his pseudo Jinchuriki to insanity, Hiraku developed the technique further, allowing him to to paralyze them using the half seal to stop rampages however, this is only possible because their chakra reserves are nowhere near as high as a real Jinchuriki's normally is. This successful development of the technique stopped several rampages, preventing him from having to put down any more of his henchmen however, they eventually gathered too much Tailed Beast chakra to be controlled this way, forcing him to develop the technique further. What he came up with was a way to manipulate the Tailed Beast chakra to cause intense pain for throughout the parts of the pseudo Jinchuriki where the chakra is present, paralyzing them that way and overcoming their ability to break free from paralysis by sheer force of their enormous chakra reserves. With the threat of their rampages mostly taken care of, Hiraku worked to develop the technique to filter out the will and hatred of the Tailed Beast when passing through the seal to the rest of the person's body to further ensure there would be no more rampages and he could control his pseudo Jinchuriki however, despite all his best efforts, Hiraku has only manages to filter out the will of the Tailed Beast and lesson the intensity of the hatred to a small degree.

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