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Pressure Release: Repulsion Force
Name Pressure Release: Repulsion Force
Kanji 圧力リリース:斥力
Literal English Pressure Release: Repulsion Force
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
User(s) Shiden

This technique was created by Shiden and uses Pressure Release. By focusing on one point on his body, Shiden makes a force of pressure that when it hits the object, the pressure hits it, and not Shiden's actually body part. The pressure is stays about 5 inches away from him. He can control how hard he wants the pressure to be, he can make it hard enough to break through rock and put dents in steel. He can use this in a defensive way as well, releasing the pressure from any part of his body to protect himself or get someone off of him. He can also use it in multiple places and change the size of the pressure, but it reduces the amount of pressure, thus causing less damage. Also the pressure is visible so you can see it, but you are unlikely to dodge it since its in close range.

This technique can also be used to block other techniques.

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