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Pressure Release
Name Pressure Release
Kanji 圧力解放
Rōmaji Atsuryoku kaihō
Literal English Pressure Release

Pressure Release is a Kekkei Genkai that combines Water Release and Wind Release to make forces or fields of pressure and shockwaves. These forces of pressure can be used to break through things with enough force. For example in a taijutsu battle, if a user with pressure release was to try and punch someone, they can hit them without actually physically touching them. Also this Kekkei Genkai also has some ranged techniques, but mainly Taijutsu techniques. You can tell if it is Pressure Release because there is a field that surrounds an area of the body that is visible.

The only known user to Pressure Release is Shiden, as a matter of fact, his Pressure Release was studied and Iwagakure found out that it was a new Kekkei Genkai and no one else ever had it, they told him that who ever else that has Pressure Release would have to be a decedent of him.

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