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(For Level One. To use Level Two you must ask!)
Plasma Release: Running Blood Technique
Name Plasma Release: Running Blood Technique
Rank S-Rank
Hand Seals Horse, Ox, Ram, Bird
Range Self
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Plasma Release


After making the neccecary hand seals the user's skin starts to turn a pale tone of red. People often think that it is a gate from the Eight Gates, but they are wrong. This technique does however somewhat act like the Eight Gates but only has one stage. After the users skin turns red they will have an increased amount Taijutsu, all aspects. They can even focus more as the blood curicalation is faster allowing the user to precevive things faster then the avreage ninja.


There is however one MAJOR drawback. Since the user instantly speeds up their blood flow they can easily burst a vain, causing a great deal of pain. They will need to focus their chakra first then use the technique so there is no risk on damage.

Level TwoEdit

Advanced users however, can speed their blood flow within the heat of battle. They have to acheive this by doing it within an rp. They would need to be practicing.

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