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Plasma Release: Plasma Clone Technique
Name Plasma Release: Plasma Clone Technique
Rank A-Rank
Hand Seals Ram then Tiger
Range Close
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Plasma Release


This technique allows Kesshou Clan members allow to make their own clones, out of their blood. Once the user makes the Ram seal, a bunch of blood will come out of the users mouth. The blood then forms into a human figure. Once the user makes the Tiger seal, the human figure fades into an exact clone of the user.


The clone does have more advanteges then shadow clones do. The clone and user can use each others eyes to see out of them. They can also think with each other meaning if one learns something the other does also. They also know where each other is at all times, meaning that if one goes missing the other can lead the way. The clone also has the same amount of chakra as the original does. But once they get hit they turn back into blood. The blood then can be controled by the original user.


There can only be one clone. That's right, one clone at a time. This is mostly to balance the technique out.

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