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Plant Release
Name Plant Release
Kanji 植物遁
Rōmaji Shokubutsuton
Literal English Plant Release
Other Name(s) Vegetation Release
Clan Senju Clan

Plant Release is a special Advanced Nature that contains Earth based chakra along with the combination of Water chakra and seems to be only used through those who have Senju blood. They can control all plant life around them through a natural ability that seems that all that have this Kekkei Genkai can use but can also utilize the Advanced Nature through other various techniques. The plant life that is created or manipulated through this Kekkei Genkai seem to have the passive ability to absorb life through other means of techniques but it others can be a double edge sword as it can take life force from the user themselves.

The plant's also seem to be resistant from fire techniques as they do use Water chakra within them. They're also resistant against Water techniques for that reason but also because it uses Earth chakra within them.

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