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Pandas are some of the most powerful summoning alive. They have been around since the SOSP brought life into the world. The Pandas were one of the first things that were created by the SOSP. Since they were they had great power. They were able to absorb allot of the power that the SOSP put out.

After that they didn't have much contact with the Sage. They took their own path. They found a piece of the world that they claimed theirs. They reformed it so they had a larger area to live. They called this land Mount Take. They have lived here since they claimed it was theirs.

Levels Of PandasEdit

Like ninja Pandas have ranks to tell people how strong they are.

Eldest PandaEdit

This would be the highest rank in the Panda world. It would also be the oldest of all Panda's. Along with the wisest.

Elder PandasEdit

These would be the second most powerful Pandas. They would have to become a Sage Panda before they can even atempt to become an Elder Panda.

Sage PandasEdit

This is the third most powerful of all Pandas. The only way for them to accesses it is by absorbing Natural Energy to the max that your body would allow you. Most would die but some have trained so their bodies would be able to take it.

Warrior PandasEdit

Warrior Pandas are your normal Pandas. They are the ones that fight for the pandas and will normally be used for summonings. They normally carry a weapond, most likely a Bamboo stick from Mount Take's trees. They also have rainkings such as normal ninja.

Warrior RankingsEdit

King PandaEdit

Leads the Warrior Pandas

Prince PandaEdit

A leader of a Panda group of Warrior Pandas.

Head PandaEdit

Second advisor in a group.

Jonin PandaEdit

The highest ranking of the normal Panda Warrior's.

Chunin PandaEdit

The second highest rank in the Panda Warrior's.

Genin PandaEdit

The lowest rank in the Panda Warrior's.

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