Otomaru Kaguya
Name Otomaru Kaguya
Kanji かぐや 音丸
Personal Status
Birthdate SagittariusNovember 29
Age 21
Gender MaleIconMale
Blood Type B Negative
Hometown Otogakure SymbolOtogakure
Home Country Otogakure SymbolLand of Sound
Affiliation 521336876Kaguya Clan
Otogakure SymbolOtogakure
Clan 521336876Kaguya Clan
Family Kimimaro (Genetic component)
Kabuto Yakushi (godfather)
Rank S-rank
Classification Missing-nin
Taijutsu expert
Bounty Hunter
Mercenary Ninja
Kekkei Genkai 100px-Shikotsumyaku Symbol.svgShikotsumyaku
Jutsu Dance of the Willow
Dance of the Camellia
Dance of the Seedling Fern
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Dance of the Larch
Skeleton Clone
Devil Seal
Weapons Bones of Shikotsumyaku

Otomaru Kaguya is a missing-nin of Otogakure and a former experiment since his birth at Otogakure.


During the time Orochimaru was still alive, he was conducting experiments on shinobi that he met across to start living as one of his pawns in Otogakure. One of those shinobi was a kunoichi with an unborn child. Kabuto Yakushi had experimented on the fetus, injecting Kimimaro's cells a month before the child was to be born. After the month, the child had born, with a kekkei genkai; which was Kimimaro's kekkei genkai - Shikotsumyaku. The mother, however, had not survived after the child was born, as the mother had her bones ripped out and get infused with the baby's body.

Otomaru as a teen

A few days later, Kabuto had been checking on the condition of the baby, finding out about the Shikotsumyaku, and that if anything were to happen to Kimimaro, they will have another slave with the Kaguya clan kekkei genkai, the baby would replace him. Since the baby was unnamed, Kabuto had named him after Otogakure - Otomaru.




Otomaru has white purplish hair that is tied back save for two shoulder length pieces. He also wears a velvet scarf that covers his mouth and has a pair of red dots on his forehead; a symbol of the Kaguya clan.

Otomaru also wore a black jumpsuit with yellow lines on the sides of his shirt.










5 DancesEdit



Rogues Meet UpEdit


Otomaru was traveling around the Land of Fire and was looking for missing-nin to exchange their bodies for Ryo in the Bounty Hunter Corps. He met Maskue Inuzuka and Hindo Inuzuka; he challenged them in a battle and killed Hindo, and after he had nearly beaten Maskue, he had activated the Toyeegan and escaped Otomaru's trap. Otomaru took Hindo's body and exchanged it for a reward in the Bounty Hunter Corps for 50,000 Ryo.

Thirst for PowerEdit


Otomaru walks near the border of Otogakure after exchanging Hindo's body for 50,000 Ryo, to meet Hebi of Kirigakure. Once the two meet, Otomaru asked him for power, and Hebi agreed to help him; in exchange for knowledge about Otomaru's kekkei genkai, the Shikotsumyaku. Otomaru took a Yugakure hostage with him as the vessel, and has exchanged the knowledge for power.

The True Thirst for Ultimate PowerEdit

In Progress.


  • Otomaru (音丸) means sound circle, he was named that because of Otogakure being his home village.

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