Oni was in his 3rd mode of the Cursed Transformation, Oni began to grow wings and his chakra shot up to incredible levels, of course it did not surpass the Mizukage. Oni shot forward and chanted quickly, " Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu " , A giant fire ball flew out and hit the trees with incredible force, decimating them completetly.

A kunai flew threw the air, and cut Oni on his cheek. He shook his head and quietly, stared around. Surely his opponents, would make the easiest makes, in revealing themselves. " I sense your chakra, come out ANBU " , Oni shot in the air and threw 10 kunai, toward the hidden areas.

" AHHHHHHH " , A man was pierced with 9 kunai, while 1 missed. It hit him in all his weak spots and left him defenseless. Oni threw a shuriken and struck him in the chest, the man fell silent. Oni landed softly on both feet and smirked. They send pathetic assasains after me with the intent of ending my life, how foolish. Oni moved with quick speed and was standing 3 ft from his enemies, their were 9 of them, one already gone. " Fire Style: Fire Blaze Swirl " , A swirl of fire blazed out of his hands and was flying toward his opponents, who dodged it and all shot out a Lava Release, technique. Oni was to slow to duck it and it caught his arm, He yelled in agony, as it touched his skin. " Is that all you got " , Oni yelled in rage and than moved toward them with incredible speed. The one with a cat mask, disappeared and was next to Oni, in a second and cut him. Oni hit the ground and growled.

" Fire Style: Great Fire Annihlation " , A large wave of fire struck the area and the cat masked, soldier was engulfed into, Oni's great fire waves.

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